I <3 Shazam

For those of you poor people not in the know, Shazam is an amazing app for the iPhone that you can use to identify music. At a store and you hear a song you love but don’t know? Shazam it! Now, I’m cheap and only use the free version of Shazam so I can only get 5 songs identified a month. Most of the time I’m unable to easily Shazam a song, or I forget about it and just google the lyrics by typing in a line or two.

Today I set up a queue of some of the songs I’ve Shazamed lately on YouTube and listened to them while I had NaNo time. I’ll probably break this up into two posts since I want to actually write about the songs a little too.

All In- Lifehouse

I feel like I’ve heard this song around before. I don’t know what to say about it now… Okay, so there are songs I actually have things to say about, I promise. Just not this one.

Lisztomania- Phoenix

This song has been on the radio all the time lately. I tagged it a while ago and forgot about it until I was setting up a playlist on iTunes and was just putting all my Shazam songs on it. I was really excited when this one started to play and I realized that I knew this song. I always stop to listen to it when it’s on the radio, or at least most of the time, so I was happy to finally know what it’s called.

Help I’m Alive- Metric

I’ve started really liking Metric since I first found them after seeing Scott Pilgrim. Remember that song that Scott’s ex-girlfriend and her band sang? That was a Metric song. I really like Help I’m Alive. I heard it on the radio one morning and wanted to know what it was called since I liked it, and was happily surprised when I found out it was by Metric. I have the acoustic version on my phone, which I prefer. I also converted BBF so he likes this song too.

Take Everything- Greg Laswell

I really like this song. I need to listen to more of his music because I really like this song. Greg Laswell kind of reminds me of Mat Kearney. Specifically, Closer to Love, another song I heard on the radio and looked up because I loved it. My Shazam mix is really interesting because it’s pretty diverse, and I don’t think I would normally listen to a few of these songs otherwise.

Civil Twilight- Letters from the Sky

Another song I feel like I’ve heard around before. Supposedly it was on Harper’s Island, although I never watched that. Sounds kind of like Coldplay or U2 to me.


More to come tomorrow…


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