Shazam Part II

More from my mini NaNo current playlist.

Broken Bells- Vaporize

I think I heard this one in H&M or Forever 21. It sounds like the kind of music they’d play in there. This isn’t the kind of stuff I’d listen to normally otherwise, but I’ll listen to anything while I write.

Got Your Number- Nadia Oh featuring Space Cowboy

Another one I wouldn’t listen to normally. I definitely heard this one in H&M or Forever 21. I’m going to guess it was H&M though. It’s funky disco pop.

My Delirium- Ladyhawke

This one goes with Metric really well. I remember listening to this song a few times after I first found it. One of my slightly different finds that I actually like a lot.

Undisclosed Desires- Muse

Okay, first of all I need to get it across that I do not like Muse. I love to make fun of Uprising whenever it comes on the radio. The Boy liked Muse, which is an even better reason to make fun of it and hate it in my book. When I first heard this song, I did not know it was by Muse, although I was guessing it was. I was disappointed when I found out it was indeed Muse, because I really did like this song. However, I’ve put aside my previous issues with Muse in order to listen to Undisclosed Desires over and over. I still don’t like Muse, but I’ll listen to this song.

Soul Meets Body- Death Cab for Cutie

One of my more recent finds, I first heard this song last Monday morning. It’s another one of those ones I don’t have that much to say about, possibly because I haven’t listened to it that much. I don’t normally listen to Death Cab for Cutie. I can’t even name another one of their songs. I should probably work on that.

Little Lion Man- Mumford and Sons

This was another one that I loved before I knew what it was called. One day Best Friend posted some of the lyrics to it on Facebook and I asked her what the song was called because I recognized it as a song I liked. She told me, and then I promptly forgot about it. Then I heard it on Monday morning after the Death Cab for Cutie song was on and Shazamed it. I need to look up more Mumford and Sons songs because I’m a big fan so far. They kind of remind me of Blue October.

Thanks for putting up with the musical explosion. Maybe you even found a song you liked.


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