No Hunting Knives Here

I find some of the referrals I get really odd. Apparently one person found my blog through some page about a “Stealth Hunter Hunting Knife”. Have I blogged about hunting knives and forgotten about it? I don’t think so. I’ve also referred someone through a blog post on Malaysia Radio Stations from May. This is really interesting since I am neither Malaysian, nor a radio station, and I barely blogged in May. None of my posts were about Malaysia or radio stations…

Also, for quite a while the top searches on my dashboard related to Pocket Frogs. While I blogged about this game a couple times, I hardly became an expert on it. Furthermore, I couldn’t find myself anywhere in a Pocket Frogs google search so… People are looking in the wrong places.

Current top searches:

saddle up bag alloy bronze, futurebag, feeling musically uncreative, glee is uncreative, “take back the blog

I also have a spam comment in my queue from “Free Porn” that just says “Thanks”.



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