50,000 Then What?

This year I finished NaNoWriMo astoundingly early. By astoundingly I mean November 18th. This left me with 12 whole days of… nothingness. Also, by the 18th I considered the first draft of my novel to be done. There really wasn’t much else I could add to it for the sake of word count without making it a heinous crime against nature.

Fortunately, I am plagued by ideas, ideas, and more ideas. Way too many ideas. Sometime in October I had a dream that I really wanted to write out. It was just a scene, but it got my brain going. However, I had already made up my mind on my NaNo novel for this year, and had done extensive planning. I wouldn’t allow myself to change my whole story at the last minute. I wanted to write my original novel, and damn it, that novel was going to get written.

So, I put this second novel on the back burner and tried to fend off the plot ideas that popped into my head in order to focus on my actual NaNo novel. However, early in November it became apparent that I was going to finish ahead of schedule, well before the 28th like I had the year before. It also become clear that reaching 50,000 words with my first novel was going to be a challenge, and that there was no way I was going to take it much further than that.

I knew this meant that I would be able to write this second novel. I scrambled through that first novel, writing over 8,000 words each on two days.

After finishing on the 18th I took a couple days off, and a couple for brainstorming the new novel. The second one involved creating more of a world than the first did. I spent my time brainstorming the world, rather than the people that lived in it like my first novel.

Originally I thought maybe I’d even be able to reach 100,000 words this November, but I took more time to rest and brainstorm than I had planned on, so that doesn’t seem to be in the cards anymore. I’d look to shoot for 75,000. We’ll see if that will end up actually happening.


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