Dresses I’d Buy if I Had Money

I think the title serves as a good enough explanation. All of the following are from Forever 21, because it’s cheap and thus my best friend.

First, we have this dress. Now, I’m not a dress girl. I love my jeans and sweatpants. But… Lately I have actually started liking, buying, and wearing the occasional dress, and frightening one of my friends in the process. And I really, really like this dress. I’m not entirely sure why. I think it might actually be because I like how the model’s hat looks with it, which is not a very valid reason. But that’s my logic. Also, I have no dresses with real sleeves like this one.

I also kind of sort of happen to like this dress. I don’t know what’s up with my obsession with floral print dresses. Can we blame it on the fact that this model is also wearing a hat? This dress would probably look terrible on me, and I’m not entirely sure why I like it since it’s kind of sack like. But I do.

Crap. Another floral dress. I think I have a problem. But this model isn’t wearing a hat! And unlike the second dress, I think I could look decent in this one. Also, it has sleeves.

It’s not floral! This dress really isn’t something I’d call my style, but I think it’s really cute. Again, model in a hat. Apparently that makes me like dresses. But this dress also looks really light, flowy, and comfortable.

Is it weird that I like this one? It’s different.

This one caught my eye because it’s purple. And it’s a 1 sleever, which makes it unique. Also, the stripes remind me of the dress I got most recently, coincidentally also from Forever 21.


One Response to Dresses I’d Buy if I Had Money

  1. Maureen says:

    All of those dresses are really cute…but not for me, I’m a little too old for those styles. But, I would be very envious if you wore them to my house for a party and looked that hot!

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