Glee Confessions

These are my confessions…

Rachel and Finn are my least favorite characters. Really, if they were written off the show I wouldn’t be that sad. They can both sing, but Rachel is so annoying that I’m just tired of her character. Finn has never stood out much, and I think his voice is the least strong out of the guys.

I want more Artie! I love Artie. If he was real I would totally marry him in a second. The magic comb thing with Britney was so cute! I never thought those two would end up being a couple, but I actually really like them together. Who needs Tina?

I also love Puck. He hasn’t been in the show nearly enough lately. When he does show up, it’s only for a brief moment. I mean, he was literally locked in a Portapotty this week. Give the boy some more screen time! One of my favorite Glee moments was when he sung Sweet Caroline. Bum bum buuuh.


3 Responses to Glee Confessions

  1. Maureen says:

    I need to watch this show eventually. I have been avoiding it, but everybody loves it.
    I just don’t want to get hooked on another show. UGH

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