No End in Sight

I’ve got to say, after those first few apps are submitted, the drive to work on the rest is not nearly as strong. You know, you’ve already got some done and off on their merry way. What’s the hurry? Relax a little. Write 50,000 words for NaNo. Blog daily. Work on memorizing that damn scene from Hamlet for English (Where is the beauteous Majesty of Denmark?)

The rest of my apps have a November 30th, December 1st, and December…15th deadline. So, as of writing time (November 1st), I’ve got time. And really, it’s not that much. I have three more schools on Common App to apply to, but their applications are all done. I just have to add the schools to my list. And then there’s the UCs, which are also done, or very nearly done except for a few details.

And then… I have to motivate myself to write my honors college essays for UW. I was more concerned with writing the essay I would be recycling, and using for every application I’m filling out except the 3 that don’t have an essay, and the other two that I needed first. You know, the honors ones are so specific and there’s no need for writing them immediately… So I put them on the backburner.

And now I need to get my ass into gear and whip them out. November is kind of a joke for me, luckily. After this week I’ve got half-days, and no school like crazy. Focus, focus, focus!



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