Blog Bedazzling

First of all, I completed NaBloPoMo this year! Yay! 30 days worth of posts.

Second, I’ve been looking more and more into themes and ideas for my new blog. And by new blog I mean I’m going to buy a domain and upgrade the blog I’m using right now. I just like calling it a new blog. Anyways, I went crazy downloading fonts the other night, and I’ve also been acquiring some new patterns and styles for Photoshop. Check out my background on Twitter for a peak at the color scheme and design aesthetic I have in mind for the blog!

I’m going to try and keep the daily posts going through December. I’m not sure if I’ll get every single day, but I’ll get most of them at least.


2 Responses to Blog Bedazzling

  1. Brie says:

    I am very, very proud of you! (BTW, the falling snow on this page is completely entertaining my life right now.)

  2. mo says:

    I don’t think I could go another month of everyday blogging. It seemed like all day I was going through life thinking….could I blog about that….or how about that?

    Looking forward to your December blog!


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