My Owl Came Part I

My Owl Came Part I

I received my first admission decision the week before Thanksgiving. I was accepted.

This school was one of my safeties. While it was exciting to get my first letter back, and my first acceptance, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I’d expected. Maybe because it was a safety. Now I know that I will be going to college, although I don’t know which one. I always have that first school to fall back on.

And now I’m even more anxious for the rest of the letters to come. I even made a list of the order I think they’re going to arrive in so I can compare it to the actual results. I’m a nerd like that.


3 Responses to My Owl Came Part I

  1. maureen says:

    Well, one acceptance letter is good….like you said, it;s a standby. The others will probably all come in the same day…you watch!

  2. zuluqueen says:

    What school was it?????

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