Thumb Twiddling- December

(Written December 14th)

So, there hasn’t been nearly as much down time this month as I was expecting. December 15th was the deadline for my last application. So far this month I’ve heard back from 3 more schools, and should hear back from another tomorrow, and I’m guessing from a 5th in the next week or two.

Now that I’m starting to get admissions decisions back, I’m getting even more excited. Not necessarily for college, but for getting to choose. I’m going to predict now that I’ll be spending my Spring Break and President’s Week going around to review campuses again so that I can make my final decision. Yay! I love visiting campuses, and I love being critical, so this is going to be like a party for me. From now on, there will probably be two TCC posts a week as I try to cram everything in. I want to talk a little about the different schools I’ve applied to, and since there are 13, that’s going to take some time.


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