Giving It the Once Over

The things I look at when checking out a school online-

  1. The Academics- That’s what you’re there for. Cause you’re a nerd like me. Look at the list of majors the school offers and see if they have things you’re interested in. You don’t have to be 100% sure what you want to major in. Everyone knows what kind of things they’re interested in, or aren’t. After checking out the majors list, click on the ones you’re interested in and find the class lists for that major. See if they sound interesting, or like what you expected.
  2. The Dorms- Odds are you’re going to end up living on campus for at least 1 year. Of course you should look at where you could be living for months. Make sure they aren’t hideous. I get turned off if a school has a really awful housing website. Try and see if you could picture yourself living there, or have a preference for a certain dorm. I like going on virtual tours too, mostly because they occasionally have awesome perky music.
  3. The Bookstore- Okay, I’m big on checking out what type of clothing a school can offer me. Maybe it’s not your thing, but I don’t want to go to a school with apparel I would never wear. If a school can’t have enough pride to have cool looking merchandise, why should I have enough pride to want to go there? I don’t always check out the online bookstore, but it’s always fun and good for killing some time.
  4. The Tuition- I say this last on purpose. DO NOT look at the numbers first and get turned off before you even see what the school is like. If you love a school but it costs a ton, don’t give up. There’s financial aid. You have no way of knowing what the final price tag on your education will be. Don’t rule out a school just because of the starter price.

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