Hallelujah and Other Rejoicing

I am finally done with all of my applications. As of December 13th, I have all 13 applications out in the world. I didn’t even think about the numbers matching until I wrote it out. Yay for coincidences!

Now I get to semi-relax. And instead of college applications, I have to start looking into financial aid, and applying for scholarships. I’ve looked at the scholarships on CollegeBoard before, but it’s hard to find ones that actually pertain to me, and aren’t internships on the East Coast. I joined FastWeb the other day, and although it is slightly odd, it has been much more useful. The database actually gives me worthwhile scholarships, and I can mark them as favorites, unlike on CollegeBoard. Or at least I haven’t figured that out on CollegeBoard. But seriously, if they have that feature, they’ve hidden it away. And that’s not nice.


2 Responses to Hallelujah and Other Rejoicing

  1. mo says:

    I may sound like a Mom….but did you do FAFSA.COM? My son got a good deal of money from them.
    Sorry if you already did…if not, check it out.

    Congrats on getting all that done….good omen I think with the 13/13 huh?

  2. somewhatokay says:

    Hey, congrats on finishing those apps… haha, I’m a high school senior too, but I still have one more app left.

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