I’ve Been Writing on the Railroad

I haven’t blogged much lately, but I have been writing, I promise! It’s this writing that has been consuming all my creativity and words, and leaves me feeling uninterested in blogging, and out of time.

You see, in the spring of 2008 I got into fan fiction. This is not going to be a lengthy tale of nerdiness like my story about the sims that took me two blog posts to get out. Anyways, fan fiction. Specifically Harry Potter fan fiction, because I’m cool like that.

I published my first story in May of 2008. The website I use tells you when things uploaded. I’m not that nerdy that I actually remember specific dates like that. I kept it up until March of 2009 and then I got busy/had writer’s block/technical difficulties and took a break. Until about halfway through last month. I spent my winter break writing a ridiculous amount of fan fic. And I’m still writing it. I’ve got 6 stories going simultaneously at the moment (because I’m insane) although I’ve been focusing on 2 of them for now.

If you’re nerdy like me, and at all curious:


This account takes longer to add to, since stories have to be validated, but I have more stuff on here. This is where I got started.


This account is new, I only made it about a week ago. It doesn’t have as much as my HPFF account yet, but I will be adding to it more quickly since it doesn’t require validation. I have the first chapter of 4 of the 6 stories I’m currently working on up.


One Response to I’ve Been Writing on the Railroad

  1. Brie says:

    I LOVE FANFICTION. But I feel as if this is an addiction that shouldn’t be started up again, at least for me.

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