Thumb Twiddling- February

(Written February 9th)

Since it’s still early in the month, this is my plan for February more than what actually happened. I WILL receive my last admissions decision until March on the 10th, or I am going to attack the admissions department. Seriously. I am pissed at this school because they’ve already stalled my decision crazy much. I applied early. I was supposed to hear back in January, but first it took them forever to look at my SAT scores, and they wanted the transcript for my 3 generic college credits (it was pass-fail! Who cares??) and then they wanted my first semester grades. Not the way to woo a girl.

Besides that, February means President’s Week! And President’s Week this year means driving up to Oregon to check out the two Oregon schools that I applied to and got into. Yeah, yeah, I’ll do campus posts eventually.

And then… more waiting. I still have… 6 schools that I’m supposed to hear from in March.



2 Responses to Thumb Twiddling- February

  1. Andrea says:

    I get a six-day weekend next week.

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