6 More Mondays

Yep, I have six more Mondays left of high school. The next few weeks are going to kill me though. I have two essays, and some project revisions due next Thursday, a presentation on May 4th, and then May 5th is the AP English test! And then hopefully I will get to breathe again.

So all the posts about all those schools might not happen. Why dwell on the past? Once the crazy weeks are over, I really am going to make myself get back into the blogging flow. I’m so bad about disappearing for weeks, and then posting frequently for a bit, then disappearing again. This will not happen again once I officially come back to Blog Land until late August when I’m moving to college!

Okay, I’m out of words.


One Response to 6 More Mondays

  1. zuluqueen says:

    Okay, well, no offense to your mudder. Yes, it is the same place I told you that one time you, me, and Brie hung out together. We we we so excited about college!!!!!!!!

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