Meaningless Babble #1

I guess I have to blame my latest blogging absence on a certain new… writing activity of mine. I’ve progressed from my crazy return to writing fan fiction to something else. I’m not going to name it because I feel incredibly nerdy for even being a part of it, but I adore it and regret nothing.

And… I actually have a tumblr account now. I don’t post on it hardly ever. Which is sort of like how I am with this blog, haha. Okay, but I have been good with posting on here at least, and I doubt I ever will be on tumblr. It’s so different and… I don’t know if I even really consider it to be much of a blogging platform. The focus there isn’t on the words, or at least not on the meaning of them. It’s good for funny things of not much substance. I’m way too fond of WordPress to ever give it up.


One Response to Meaningless Babble #1

  1. Andrea says:

    You don’t have to call this post meaningless babble. All your writing is meaningless babble. jk

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