Pocket Frogs Week 2

As of one Sunday ago.


Pocket Frogs

Today’s post is brought to you by Pocket Frogs, a lovely little iPhone app that I’m addicted to.

Now, when it comes to apps I’m a big gamer. I’ve got some list making apps, photo editing apps, social media apps, but beyond that, the majority of my apps are games. I have to delete games to make room for more games. I also easily get addicted to iPhone games, and go through phases.

However, the games that I love the most, and that keep my attention the longest are the ones I can come back and play whenever. I’ve been addicted to those time based games, like Zombie Farm, Office Hero, and Virtual Families that keep you coming back to keep whatever you’re growing/doing from expiring or dying. These are the ones I’ll be heavily addicted to. Virtual Families was my world this summer. These games are also the ones I get bored with the most. You can only be addicted for so long. Once you take a break it’s hard to get back into the flow.

This is why I love Pocket Frogs. While time is a factor, I can leave the game for as long as I want without suffering the consequences. It’s fun, it’s a challenge, and it’s pretty!


Pocket Frogs is an app by the people who brought us Scoops and Sky Burger. In this game, you have virtual frogs that you train and breed. However, these frogs are not high maintenance at all. You don’t have to feed them, clean up after them, or anything if you don’t want to. They won’t die on you, get sick, etc.

Frogs come in a variety of base and detail colors, as well as patterns. This makes for over 13,000 different combinations, creating a challenge to try and get them all. The game has challenges, which give you experience points in exchange for having a number of certain frogs. For example, I completed one that asked me to have frogs in the colors of the rainbow. Another challenge asked for 8 yellow frogs with maroon spots, appropriately called I Choose You. Get it? They’re Pikachu frogs. Took me a while to figure out too.

The game also allows you to play with friends, which is great because after getting addicted last weekend I discovered that one of my friends is also hooked. This allows us to exchange frogs, helping each other get certain combinations.

Additionally, the graphics are excellent as I have come to expect from Nimblebit. They’re colorful, bright, and clear, adding to the excellent game play experience.

Best of all?

Pocket Frogs is free, which my inner cheapskate loves. I think I’ve only ever paid for maybe 3 apps…

Modern Leper

So, I just downloaded the WordPress app for my phone finally. It’s not like I’ve had my phone since February or anything… Hopefully carrying WordPress around with me will encourage me to be less lazy and blog more. Of course, there might be more typos but… Who cares about typos when you can have more of me, right?
I’m officially done with testing for this year as of today. Now summer gets to begin!
Except I’ve got about a million appointments in the next week, including the one for my senior portrait. Trying to decide if I should get a haircut for it or not. I’ve gotten used to having it short but now I’m contemplating growing it out. On the other hand I think I look better with shrt hair and I want layers again… Decisions decisions.

What’s on my iPhone

I kind of haven’t even opened all of these.

Messages, Facebook, Contacts, Camera, Photos, Maps, Calendar, App Store, Calculator, Notes, Clock, iTunes, Settings, Weather, Dictionary, Translator, Traffic Rush*, Titanic, BubbleWrap, Dots Free, ActionPotato, iDrag Paper Free, Oregon Trail**, Pac-MAN, Paper Toss, RolandoLite, Rolando 2 C1, Zippo Lighter, Pocket God***, Tap Tape Revenge 3, DoodleBuddy, Fandango, PS Mobile, DashofColor, Color It Lite****, ColorShake, Booooly*****, Cat Shot, Crazy Hamster Lite, Cross Light, WordSeach, Glow Hockey, Lion Pride, Mood Pad, MyTown, RunStick Lite, Shazam, PaperFootball, App Puppies******, blindness, TicTacFree, Gap Style Mixer, pic2shop, Waterslide, Compass, YouTube, Voice Memos, Stocks, Sunday Lawn

*I am beast at this. I love me some Traffic Rush.

**One of the two apps I’ve actually spent money on. So worth it.

***Second app I’ve spent money on.

****This is actually a coloring book app.

*****Have never played.

******This is the lite version of the app. What that means is it’s a gallery of about 25 pictures of puppies.

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