30 Questions- Day 11

Alright everyone, thanks for putting up with all my brainstorming for NaNoWriMo! This is the last of these 30 Question Character Surveys.


Your siblings, in great detail.


Tanner’s not too bad for a big brother. He can be a dick at times, but I’ve got to be grateful since he saved me from the parents. Plus, he’s pretty chill. He lets me do my own thing. I get to live in his garage so I feel like I’ve got some amount of independence. He cares but he’s not breathing down my neck all the time. More about him? He’s twenty five. He’s trying to get into security type stuff, so he’s a night guard right now. He used to work the day shift but his boss switched him a couple months ago. I think he majored in Poli Sci in college, probably because you can do anything with that. He’s got good taste in music.


N/A- Only child.


Julie in great detail? Not possible. She’s not that interesting. She’s as close to a cookie cutter Asian as you can get without speaking Engrish and being an awful driver. She refuses to drive.

I guess we were kind of close when we were little. And when I say little I mean when I was a baby pretty much. Julie is around 6 years older than me. By the time she was 9 she was tired of me. She was too busy being the dazzling star child. We just don’t get along. I’m the “rebel” I guess, because I’m not into science and math. We’re too different and we never bothered to try and understand each other.


30 Questions- Day Eight

A moment, in great detail.


I’ve been told that I’m supposed to open up more in this stupid thing. Too much sarcasm for you? I happen to be a teenager. It’s part of my nature.

A moment? How about the moment when my parents told me that they were getting a divorce?

It was New Years Day. I’d spent the whole winter break listening to Albert and Miranda arguing. Really, hearing that they were getting a divorce was nice. It meant I didn’t have to worry about them killing each other before I headed back to school. No whacking the other one over the head with a champagne bottle. The arguing was tiring.

I opted to just write Mark’s response to this question. 90 paragraph size answers is a lot, okay? I’m allowed to.

30 Questions- Day Seven

Your best friend, in great detail.


I’m not really one of those best friend kind of guys. I have friends, but I’m never that close to them. There’s not one person I tell everything to like a girl. I’m kind of a lone wolf. I don’t feel like I need people around in order to be happy. It’s okay if I don’t interact with people that often. Really, I’m fine on my own.


Okay, so Sadie and I met in kindergarten. We’ve been best friends ever since. She went to a different middle school from me, cause her parents put her in a private. They try and push her to be smart. I mean, she is totally smart. But she’s good at writing and history, and they’d rather have her be a math and science person like them and her big sister Julie. So it’s not like she isn’t smart, she just isn’t the kind of smart that they want her to be.

I feel bad for Sadie since her parents aren’t supportive like mine are. I know I’m really lucky. My parents would support me no matter what I decided to do, and her parents… They’re really not like that. She hangs out at my house a lot, probably because her parents aren’t around much. I’d hate being in my house by myself all the time. My parents are more like her parents than hers are. She calls them Uncle and Aunt.

In some ways we’re totally different from each other, but I think we balance each other out, you know? We do have things in common too. We’re just really comfortable with each other, which I think is one of the reasons why our friendship has lasted for so long. I know a ton of people say that you don’t stay friends with your friends from high school, but that totally won’t be true in our case. We’ve been friends for too long to stop.


Lizzie’s the peppy one. Let’s start there. I don’t think the world could handle two of me. She’s the friendly, in your face one. More people at school know her. I’m not antisocial or resentful, I’m just stating the facts. She’s completely fine with being the spokesperson for the two of us, while I like being in the background more. I think that goes along with our arts interests perfectly. She’s the one out on the stage, and in the spotlight, while I’m the one behind the scenes making things run. We’ve been best friends forever. Now, I’m not saying that she doesn’t do things that drive me crazy sometimes. She says totally way too much. I really do not get her obsession with water bottles. She’s always dancing, and sometimes I just want to grab her by the shoulders and try to hold her in place.

But in the end, we love each other. I’m sure she has problems with some of my habits, but she puts up with them just like how I put up with her habits. I know at the end of the day she’ll always be there for me.


30 Questions- Day Six

Your day, in great detail.


I woke up. I went to school. I came home. Why do these always say in great detail? How about in lesser detail?

Here, how about this. I’ll tell you my class schedule. That’s details. That’s good enough. My days are all the same.

1st period- AP English Literature

2nd period- AP Government

3rd– Drumline

4th– Physics

5th– Guitar III

6th AP Calculus BC

7th– Music Theory

8th– Free


I had the best time today because we started learning salsa in ballroom dance. I love it! It’s so much fun. I love getting to feel sexy like that dance. Ballroom is so classy, but you can still keep it from being like super boring.

That was third period. Oh, it rained today! I drove Sadie to school this morning but I stayed late after to talk with my Modern Rep instructor, Ms. Kitamura so I think she walked home. I think she went with that Marc guy. I have to remember to text her about it later. I hope she had an umbrella. Maybe Marc had one. Sadie can’t be too miserable about it, since she totally likes him. We were all in French together last year and it was so obvious that she thought he was really cool. I guess they hang out a lot this year. I don’t have any classes with Sadie this year, which totally sucks, but I guess it worked out okay cause then she gets to hang out with Marc without me feeling awkward. Marc is the kind of guy Sadie would like. Okay, I need to text her now!


Well, Lizzie ditched me after school to start with. She was my ride home, and it started raining around lunch time. My parents don’t like me enough to get me a car. Anyways, I don’t think I’d want one. The traffic here is crazy, and I can walk or take a bus most places. I’m saving the environment that way.

It didn’t turn out that badly though. I ran into Marc after 8th. I guess he stayed to work on something during 8th since I know he has that period off. Anyways, we walked home together and he shared his umbrella with me. Time always goes faster when I’m around Marc, so the walk home in the rain wasn’t that bad.

Classes were alright. Swimming was kind of awful because it was freezing cold. We don’t have an indoor pool for some crazy reason. At least I had the class before it started to rain. We had a sub for Prock, sadly, since I wanted him to look over this project I’ve been working on. I’m thinking it might be my script for the student film festival we have at the end of the year. One of the things that semi-redeems the school for not having an indoor pool.


30 Questions- Day Five

Your definition of love, in great detail.


Love? What kind of love are we talking about? I love my drums. I’m kind of in love with toaster strudel. But are we talking about man + woman love? That’s something entirely different.

That kind of love, well, all kinds of love really, even drums and toaster strudel, those are just emotions caused by chemicals in the brain. I’m one of those downers. The ones with the realistic view on life. Dopey, flowers and sunshine love? That’s not real. It’s all lust. We find someone we don’t hate, someone we’re willing to put up with, and we say that we love them. And a solid percent of the time? Those feelings end up fading.

Love was invented for Hallmark to make a profit off of. That’s my definition.


Oh wow, love? I don’t think I can even begin to define that. It’s too big of an idea. Love is what makes life worth living. How about that? Love is about being happy, and finding your soulmate. That  one person who makes you complete. The one person who understands you unlike anyone else. Love is understanding and respect. Like, I love my parents, but I don’t want to make out with them or anything. Gross!

I’m a total romantic. I love Valentine’s Day. Last year I totally got a card and a rose from a secret admirer. It was so cute! I never found out who the guy was though, which still totally bugs me. I’d give him a chance. I think guys think I’m stuck up or something, but I’m totally not. If you know how to treat me right, that’s all I need. Plus, nerds are super cute. Most jocks are jerks.


Getting sentimental now, are we?

Alright, I do believe in love. I’m not Debbie Downer. I don’t think love is as easy to find as the movies make it seem, but it’s out there. I mean, what’s the point of living if there’s not something better out there? We can’t be on this earth just to be alone. There’s someone out there who totally understands me, and will appreciate me. I know it.

I don’t need flowers and chocolates. All that matters is being respected. Feeling like I matter. And if that means being the center of someone’s universe… Well, I’m not going to complain.


30 Questions- Day Four

What you ate today, in great detail.


Okay, now this is just getting weird. What I ate today? Are you kidding me? Pump my stomach and find out.

You really want to know? Fine. I had one of those toaster strudel things this morning on my way out. Tanner’s girlfriend teaches PE at an elementary school, yeah, I know, a straight female PE teacher, and she’s really big on getting three meals a day, even if you’re just eating crap. So I end up eating a lot of toaster strudel. I think I ate a strawberry one this morning.

Lunch was cafeteria pizza. More grease and shit in the stomach. I run on grease. I stopped at a gas station quick mart on my way home for a thing of Red Vines and a Red Bull.

Haven’t had dinner yet, but it’ll be good. Ashley really isn’t that bad to have around. She’s a good cook at least, and she makes Tanner happy. She cares enough to make sure I’m not lying dead in a ditch somewhere, but she doesn’t try and act like she’s my mom or something.


What did I eat? Okay, first of all, I eat a lot because I exercise so much during the day. I burn it all off, so it’s not a big deal. Most people laugh at how much I eat, since I’m not a very big person, you know?

Breakfast- a bowl of cornflakes, a piece of cinnamon toast, a banana, and a glass of orange juice

Lunch- Caesar salad, plain chicken breast, carrot sticks, an apple, jasmine rice, a milk carton

Dinner- Fettucine alfredo with chicken, broccoli, garlic bread, some granola, apple juice


Okay, so I know most teenagers probably don’t eat breakfast, but I’m starving if I don’t eat anything. I made myself some potstickers from a bag this morning. Lunch was… I had a bag of Sun Chips at school. When I got home I had a leftover bean burrito. I eat leftovers a lot. We get takeout or go out for dinner, which is pretty ridiculous since we’ve got a really nice kitchen because of my mom’s job. It’s a waste. Lizzie loves to come over and bake at my place since we’ve got everything a person could ever possibly need. Dinner? My parents left me money for pizza. I’ll probably call for a large supreme in the next half an hour or so.

30 Questions- Day Three

Your parents, in great detail.


Oh joy. It’s not like I hate my parents. They’re not horrible people. I just can only handle so much of them, especially since the divorce. Living with Tanner is so much better.

We’re not very exciting people. Endicott is supposedly English. Both my parents are European mutts. My dad likes to say that he’s Italian though, and pronounces our last name end-i-cote instead of end-i-cot. That’s why he told my mom to spell my name with a c instead of a k. He thought it made it look more Italian. This comes from a man named Albert.

Albert sells insurance, and Miranda is a real estate agent. They’re both professionals at selling things, including selling their marriage away.

They live in Columbus, Ohio. Or used to, at least. Albert stayed in Columbus until it was clear I wasn’t going to stick around. Once he knew he wouldn’t have to live close enough that split custody wasn’t a pain in the ass, he bailed for Wichita. Must be a midlife crisis. I can’t think of any other reason someone would willingly move to Kansas.

There’s Albert and Miranda for you.


I’m totally not one of those teenagers that complains about their parents constantly. That’s so obnoxious, you know? I don’t get it. People can be so ingrateful. Ungrateful. Whatevs. I mean, your parents gave you everything. They gave you life. Most parents are pretty good, and try to give their kids everything, and their kids just complain. They don’t get it that their lives could be so much worse.

My daddy’s name is Phil and he’s a chiropractor, which is totally nice cause he can help me out when I need to get adjusted. He’s from Bremerton, which is right next to Seattle, so he’s basically lived here his entire life. He likes to watch basketball.

My mom, Linda, is a stay at home mom, but she’s really crafty. She knits, crochets, and sews, and sells her things online. She’s actually Canadian. Her family is from Edmonton, Alberta, but she went to college in Vancouver. My dad’s little brother, Michael, went to the University of British Columbia with her, and that’s how she met my dad. Daddy was visiting Uncle Mike at school and saw Mom, and that was it. Super cute.


More about Charlie and Miriam? First of all, I don’t call them by their first names to their faces. Not that they’re ever around enough for me to actually do that. They’re both workaholics.

Charlie likes football. He used to watch the Superbowl with me, and explain what was going on. Nowadays he’s normally in his office watching it while working on something. Apparently being an accountant is an extremely busy job. He’s like the top accountant or something, but still. How long can you actually spend adding things?

Miriam likes the color beige. She likes my sister. She likes having things perfectly clean and organized, but doesn’t like doing it herself, at least not at home. We have a housekeeper, Ana, whose been coming to our house since I was 8.

It’s not like I have issues because my parents aren’t around. Really, I prefer it this way. The less of Charlie and Miriam I can get, the better. That’s less nagging, and less awkward conversations for me. We don’t know each other, and when we’re actually forced to socialize it’s unbearably uncomfortable. They have Julie to socialize with, and that’s just the way I like things.


November So Far- Days 1 &2

Now, I can’t just post all those lovely character surveys. November is the month when I probably get the most readers due to NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. Now that I’m on Twitter as well, hopefully I’ll get even more of my local SoBaNaNo’ers.

So far I’m actually well on track. Now, I’m no NaNo freak of nature who is already 40,000 words into their novel. But I’ve met the daily count the past two days, plus some. I’m at 4,119 words right now. This year is certainly different from last year. Being my first, I was totally pantsing it. I had a vague idea of where I wanted my novel to go, and made things up as I went. This year… I know my characters so well after loads of excessive backstory planning. Including making the blueprint for an entire high school, and writing up class schedules.

The plot however, I’m coming to realize, I do not have as well outlined. I know where the relationship between two of the main characters is going to go, and why. I know who they are but not what I’m going to do with them. I have major plot points planned (alliteration!) but what goes in between there is a definite gray area.

I think this weekend I’m going to end up doing some plot outlining so I can have more of a grip on things. I want to succeed this year. I need to succeed. This year is my story, and I want to tell it the right way.

Enough rambling. I’ll leave you all with a link. If you’re a WordPress blogger, you’ve probably seen this by now. It’s one of the top posts or whatever WordPress calls them. Anyways, this is mostly to bookmark it for myself, but if you want some blogging advice, check out this article!
Top 15 Blogging Best Practices

30 Questions- Day Two

Your first love, in great detail.


God, no one in my family will ever let me forget this one. When I was in preschool there was this one girl, Leah Tyler, that I was apparently obsessed with or something. I told my mom that I was going to marry her one day. Clearly I was not a normal little kid.

I really don’t remember her that well, which is totally fine with me. Hopefully she forgot about me too, because from the way my parents tell the story, it sounds like I kind of stalked her. I think she had freckles.


My first love would have to be ballet. I started ballet lessons when I was three. It was my first dance style. I absolutely loved it. In almost all the pictures of me from when I was little, I’m wearing ballet shoes. I think I liked feeling graceful, cause back then we’re all bumbling little toddlers.

I’m so glad my parents put me in that ballet class. 14 years later I’m still dancing, and still learning. This year I’m finally able to fit some extra dance classes into my schedule, since I dropped math, science, and Mandarin. I’ve been in Modern Rep every year, since that’s my forte. This year I’m getting back into ballet, and taking the contemporary rep in that. I’m also going to be learning ballroom, musical theater dance, and contemporary and street, which I think is going to be so fun since I’ve never really tried anything like that before. Sadie doesn’t think I’m ghetto enough to pull it off, but I don’t care.

Oh, and dance is super nice since it got me out of having to take PE classes. I still ended up taking yoga freshmen year, but that was mostly to keep me in shape.


Did you really have to bring this up?

Jason Scott.

We were in first grade, and it was love for me. He’d seen all my favorite movies, he was a pro at kickball, and he wasn’t bad looking for a six year old.  The only problem was that I was a coward. I still am. I never told Jason about that crush. We still go to school together, which makes it kind of awkward. He’s still cute, and whenever I see him I can’t help but think of my little kid crush. He’s into acting, unfortunately, which means I end up seeing him all the time. Why couldn’t he have been a math-science nerd? Why?

30 Questions- Day One

So, I found this 30 question character survey on the NaNo forums and thought it was a brilliant idea. I’m going to fill out each day of it for my three main characters.

Day 01 – Introduce yourself, in great detail

Marc Endicott

This is stupid. What do you want from me? Name is Marc. I have two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth, same as most people.

Fine, I’ll give you details. I’m Marc Edicott. I moved to Seattle junior year with my brother so he could live with some chick he met online. Seriously. My parents split during freshman year, and I was sick of listening to them each ragging on the other to me, so I got out of there.

I’m kind of a band geek. But not like the kind that carry around pocket protectors and have worst case scenario acne. I’m into drums, alright? Guitar too. I’m on drumline and I take guitar at school. At least my brother was cool enough to get me into this arts school.

And I don’t like talking about myself. I’m no emo, but I’m not going to tell a stranger my life story.

Lizzie Creighton

Hi, I’m Lizzie! I’ve lived in Seattle my whole life with my parents. I love dance and languages. I’ve been studying dance for as long as I can remember, and getting to go to Charles Ray Watson Charter is just about the greatest thing that could happen to me. They’ve got the most amazing dance program.

I’ve been studying Mandarin and French since freshman year. French is such a beautiful language, and I figure Mandarin is pretty useful since so many people speak it. It’s really neat to get to learn such an exotic language when I’m not you know, exotic at all. My teacher, Ms. Chang says I really have a knack for languages. Other than being good at talking in other languages and dancing though, I’m not that great at anything. I only did well in AP Language and Comp last year because my best friend Sadie was in the class with me. She’s a great writer.

Oh, I have a cat! His name is Jinx, and I got him when I was eight.

Seattle is nice but I’m ready to live somewhere else. I’ve been here for my whole life, and I’d love to live somewhere warmer. I’d really love to get to travel the world and dance, but I don’t think that’ll happen. I won’t give up though, of course. I love dance way too much for that.

I’ve got this obsession with water bottles. It’s kind of weird, but practical, you know? Cause I drink a lot of water since dance is a major workout. I don’t think people realize how much it wears you out. You’re in almost constant motion. Anyways, I’ve got a bit of a collection of water bottles, like the metal refillable ones. Cause they’re good for the environment, and I think those plastic ones are supposed to give you breast cancer or something. Plus, they’re super cute. Basically whenever I see a new one I get it. I’ve got a bunch of coffee mugs too. I’ve got this one water bottle that’s like this turquoise color and it’s got paper cranes on it. That one is probably my favorite. I like bright colors, and pink and purple especially. I’m a bit of a girly girl. Most dancers are.

Oh wow, I’ve been talking a lot. That’s probably more than you wanted to know about me. I just got started and couldn’t stop, you know? This was fun.

Sadie Wu

Hey, Sadie Wu. Blame my uncreative parents for my stupid name. Who names their kid Sadie these days? There’s no good reason to ever name your kid Sadie.

I guess my name is the only problem I have with myself. In great detail you said? Well, just remember, you asked for it.

I’m Sadie, I like writing and psychology. Screenplay writing, that is. I go to this charter school that’s big on the arts and science, but I’m in the first camp. It’s mostly an arts school. Science is a new thing. We’re trying to broaden our horizons.

Anyways, I’ve been into psychology and film for a while. I took psych back freshman year, and then AP sophomore year, with Scullie. Scullie and Prock are my favorite teachers. Prock’s the screenwriting and directing teacher.

This really doesn’t have anything to do with myself.

I was born March 3rd to Charlie and Miriam Wu. Typical Asian parents. My dad works at Amazon.com in the accounting department, and my mom works at that fancy cooking supplies company, Sur La Table. She’s in PR, which is slightly more creative than accounting, but mostly means her job is getting her way.

I have an older sister, Julie. She got the good name, but of course all Asian people name their kids Julie. She’s in med school at UW, so she still comes home way more than I can handle, since Capitol is right next to the U District. Her boyfriend’s name is Todd and he’s a prick. They’re getting matching med school degrees. Gag me.

Is that enough detail for you? What, you want to know what size bra I wear or something?