It’s Decided

I made up my mind, and I didn’t take until just days before my decision was due! I know where I’m going to college, and I’ve turned in my enrollment confirmation and deposit. As of writing time (April 1st, but this is not an April Fool’s Day joke) I’m going to start my housing application in a few minutes.

I’m not going to post the name of the college I’m going to (Andrea- This means you too) but I will eventually say the name of the city. Not that that gives much away, since there’s at least 4 colleges in that city. It’s not like the world will end if I name it, as far as I know, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Want to know what city it’s in?

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see! I’m posting about all the other school’s first. BWAHAHAHA!



So Long, Farewell

No, I’m not going to quit blogging. Not anytime soon.

I’ve lived in the same house my entire life. Over 17 years in one house. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but for the past couple months, my dad has been working for a political campaign that is now over, leaving him unemployed. He found a new job, however it is not within commute distance.

This means that after Thanksgiving this year, he will be packing up and moving about 4 hours away.

This also means that this summer the rest of the family will be joining him.

Not only am I going to be moving off to college at the end of the summer, but I’m also going to be moving at the beginning of the summer.

As weird as this is going to be though, it’s a good thing. The place where we’ll be relocating to is beautiful, and is supposedly the 2nd best place to live in the world by one study. It’s by the beach, and located closer to the majority of colleges I’m applying to in California.

So… That’s my news.

Metaphorical Clothing

I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that my favorite pair of jeans is near retirement. I’ve worn these jeans throughout high school. I got them at the beginning, and now it’s coming to the end. They’re like my own pair of traveling pants. They got me through the journey, and now they’re ready to part ways. I’ll save the nostalgia for the new blog, which will make more sense in a year or so.
Today I saw a countdown on Twitter of the days until NaNoWriMo. Can’t wait!

Where Will You Go

I actually have plans for my blogging future. Ambittious plans, really.
To start with, I’m taking a web design class this year. I’ve been editing photos for years, and last year I learned InDesign. I wanted to round out my skills with web design knowledge, and through that I came up with an idea to practice my knowledge.
This spring I’m going to graduate. In the following summer or fall I’m going to graduate to a new blog.
I want to use what web design skills I have by then to build a better blog, one that looks how I want it to that’s template free. It just seems easier to start over new. New site, new name, new look. By then I’ll be financially independent(ish) so I’m going to get myself a domain name.
I’m hoping that sacrificing some of my own money will encourage me to keep the blog running. I know I’ll be busy then, but I will also have more to write about than ever. New experiences = blog fodder
Uncreativewriting is going to keep running for now, until the new blog is up. I’ll keep updating here until it’s time to move on. It’s going to be a big step and challenge but I’m ready. You may see glimpses of the layout as the launch gets closer.

Meet BBF

BBF is way different from The Boy to the point that when we’re together I wonder what the hell I was doing with the last one (as TB is now referred to. Haha. TB. Like tuberculosis… Okay, internal monologue over.). Let’s start with some really basic differences. BBF is taller than me. Noticeably taller, not like the last one who was about the same height as me. He’s older than me by 14 months, rather than 3 months younger. He knows things about me. I’ve realized since the breakup that I knew so much useless crap about TB, and all of his likes and quirks, but I really don’t think he knew anything about me. I know BBF listens to me because he’s capable of bringing up stories I told him before.

Anyways, so BBF was the one I talked to after the breakup. At the time he was in some bizarre long-distance relationship that was also falling apart. After that chat session I was really starting to wonder if he had feelings for me. Moving fast, I know, after my 5 month long relationship just died. But really… TB and I were kind of over in March. That was the last time we did anything coupley. We weren’t worth mourning over.

This part of the story is where best friends really are the best people ever. As I believe I’ve mentioned, Best Friend and Boy broke up. She has since moved on to Elf. Elf is friends with BBF, which is one of the reasons why he got approval from me and our other friends. BBF is the nicest person ever, and I knew he couldn’t be friends with some jerk who would unexplainably break up with Best Friend like the last guy did. Anyways, this is where Best Friend and Elf became really useful. I told her all about my feelings and thoughts.

Over the next 10 days or so… (I’m shameless, I know, I know. But I’m happy. So deal with it.) BBF and long distance chick officially ended whatever was going on there, I went on Facebook and made my breakup official, and Best Friend did some excellent espionage work. Through Elf, we asked if BBF had feelings for anyone.

And he said yours truly.

We had already been planning to hang out the 4 of us, but this changed the whole plan. I knew now that it was safe to act upon the way I was feeling. I liked him and he liked me. But he didn’t know that I felt the same way, so I needed to take action. Which scared the crap out of me.

Which is why at the end of that night I let him walk away from my car without saying anything.

And then started hitting my steering wheel.

And this is another example of why I love my best friend.

She was going to drive back home with Elf and BBF. The two of them saw from the way BBF was walking back that nothing had happened. So when I started driving away, and passed Best Friend, she signaled me down. I pulled over to park again, and in the meantime she and Elf ran away leaving me and BBF alone.

My summer was great, how was yours?

Take Back the Blog Week

So, to inspire myself to actually get things done over Spring Break (other than never getting dressed and playing Sims all day…) I’m initiating a Take Back the Blog Week. Which I just made up. But really, if anyone else feels like they’re in a slump, feel free to steal the idea.

I’m going to be making some blog changes this week. Including finally making my own banner at some point (hopefully). Also, to try and keep myself motivated to blog, and not complain about having anything to talk about anymore, I’m going to initiate a new… schedule, so to speak. Each day of the week will have a certain topic, so I have more of a format of what to write about. Finally, I’m going to try to better organize my categories and tags. Yay!

Monday: Me. We’re talking random factoids, surveys, and other getting to know the person behind the blog activities.

Tuesday: Recommendations and Reviews. This is the day when I’ll talk about the latest blog/book/movie/TV show/whatever else I can think of.

Wednesday: Writing. On Wednesdays I’ll talk about my latest projects, and such. Maybe even include some excerpts.

Thursday: The week in review. Thursday is halfway through the week, so I’m going to report on things that have happened so far that haven’t fit into the other categories.

Friday: Friends and family. What more is there to say? I’m…going to talk about people around me. Nice things. Mostly. We’ll see…

Saturday: Weekly airing of griefs. Saturday I am allowed to complain about one problem a week. Readers, you can feel free to skip Saturday and its angst.

Sunday: Weekly airing of good things. To combat Saturdays whining, on Sunday I will talk about the good things that have happened to me in the week, and my favorite moments.

Epic Tale of Epicness

So, going back to my post before about why I went missing. I have been busy. And if you feel like back-tracking or you remember everything I’ve ever written because you’re cool (or obsessive) like that, Hypothesis #4 or the last Hypothesis was correct. Most of them were correct. You can probably figure out which ones on your own.

I got myself a boy. He’ll be known from now on as The Boy. Of course, this is a different person from Boy, who is Best Friend’s male companion. Figured that needed to be clarified.

First, the story of what occurred over Christmas Break. I typed this up for a friend while part of it was occurring, and freaked out. Names have been changed, of course, mostly because the character’s have their blog names and I want to avoid confusion by using their real names and… Moving on.

Okay, so last night, as you know, there was the zipper conversation*. He has his group of guy friends that I started calling the Maghreb Pack (Maghreb is Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, the French speaking African countries.)
Me- Question: When I get exciting messages from the Pack do you offer them your phone or do they say they want to talk to me because I’m wise like Yoda?
The Boy: They want to talk to you cause you’re wise…like Yoda.
M: Which in Pack Language means I’m a female human who doesn’t think they’re the weirdest freaks that ever existed.
TB: Well (Name) desperately wanted to talk cause I told him you were hot.
Side Convo
Me: Are you awake?
Best Friend: Yeah I am why?
M: How do I respond to this:
Well (Name) desperately wanted to talk cause I told him you were hot.
BF: WHOA BABY!!!!!!!!
BF: Oh my god!!!!! Well you are hot so, it’s a compliment girl!!! Want me to…talk to The Boy?
M: ….thank you?
I don’t know. I don’t know if he was being serious! Damn you texts.
BF: You’re pretty surround sound**! So want me to talk to him?
M: I ended up asking what texts came from that person. Because I had no idea how to address the 2nd part.
BF: I should talk to him, je pense.
M: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
If you do, be insanely subtle. You never saw that forwarded text.
M: My eyes seriously bulged at that.
BF: I can imagine! Did you get any other weird texts from him?
M: Um… Probably the most important other one was when I told him about a toddler at Old Navy ogling me.
BF: What was his response?
M: Hehe, a toddler thought you were hot. What kids learn from there chips these days.
And then I said:
I should get a shirt that says that. “Toddlers think I’m hot.”
And he said: I’ll get the same shirt cause I’m weird like that.
Back to Main Conversation
M: Was this the mountain lion or train person? Or were those texts from the same person?
TB:They were all shouting out things to write. It was odd.
M: Good to know. I’m popular with the Pack.
TB: You most certainly are.
Now the rest will be in Side Convo
M: Apparently I’m popular with the Pack.
BF: So he talks about you… I think he likes ya!
M: They like to steal his phone and text me. Generally about animal reproductive parts/boobs/ animal sex.
BF: …Whoah…
Give me an example of a txt they send.
M: This is The Boy’s friend, Buddy. I am worried that The Boy is having an affair with a kangaroo; a male kangaroo.
A Maghreb Pakian is currently doing a mountain lion. The noise is disturbing.
M: Did I tell you about the Youth in Revolt suggestion?
BF: No you did not. The Boy gave me a few weird clues about the person he likes…
M: What were the clues?
We were simultaneously watching Michael Cera AKA El Cerito movies (Paper Heart & Year One) and I said I want to see YiR. [Which got no response.]
Group fandango a la Paris?
BF: 4, village, cheesecake and hidden fork, you cant fly in the thirde trimester, before deep powder, and the chick took a dookie.
M: Mk….
M: Yeah, those pretty much all mean nothing to me.
BF: Girlllll I raked up some info. Wanna know?***
M: Yay a ya
BF: He does think youre hot! Thennn I asked him if he would go out with you. And he said why not, lets have some fun with it. I would date her.
M: Are. You. Serious.
BF: Yes, 100% girl.
M: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.
“So, I have a short story for you that will culminate in me asking you out. Mk? Mk.”

*This is in reference to when I taught him that girl’s jeans have zippers on them.

** My nickname in the group is Surround Sound. When prompted to come up with a nickname for me, The Boy was at an electronics store.

*** Yes, we talk like white gangsters.

**** As in meet up for a friend conference.

His story involved Harry Potter. The Boy gets me. We speak our own language of nerdy awesomeness. I’ll post the story at some point.

And… I’m happy. He was my best guy friend before this, and I thought I liked him on and off. Over the break I really started to understand how awesome he was, and how similar we are and started to miss getting to see him every day.

If you look through my tags, you’ll be able to find my past stories involving The Boy, and his previous blog identity.

Oh Christmas Troy

The past couple days involved enough homework to keep me from feeling up to digging through the archives and finishing my tale. But it’s Saturday and I no longer have an excuse.

The Age of Molly

By now we’re at the summer of ’07. Before I started high school I found something amazing, something fairly life changing.

Playing sims for myself was out. Publishing my stories was out. I became introduced to the world of sims roleplay.

This brings us to Molly Lara Conner. My first sims roleplay character ever at Sylvan Hollow. Together, Molly and I lost our n00b status. At the time of Sylvan Hollow’s closure, Molly had one of the highest post counts. Telling you her story would make this even longer than it’s already going to be, so I’ll save that for another rainy day. (It’s raining right now and I’m trying to be funny. Or something.)

Of course, Molly wouldn’t have had her story if it hadn’t been for Christian Beck. Molly’s first relationship also brought me into the world of roleplay alliances. I found my first roleplay…partner.

At some point, there was the great internet explosion when I was without my interwebs for a month of so. This point in time also meant the end of Chris and Molly, as he moved on during this time. Molly and Chris are always going to be special to me, and hopefully also to Chris’ owner, but Molly moved on to bigger and better things.

Other Characters

Molly wasn’t my only character at Sylvan Hollow. I’m not going to talk about the others since they aren’t really important, but here’s some pictures just for fun.

The Great Legacy of Molly

Meet Molly’s husband until he gets chopped up by the resident SH serial killer, Anthony Dablin. Anthony helped break Molly and Chris up and also gave Molly two more things before he died.

Anthony gave Molly their twins, Stephanie and James.

While Molly was getting married and becoming a mom and all that jazz, she was also befriending the new paralyzed teacher in town, Drew Stone. Eventually, Molly would become a published author and she and Drew would both move their families to Bayside Vista, Rhode Island.


Through Molly I met my online best friend, who we’ll call Torch. We bonded over our sims, X Men movies, and various other things. So, during the spring of 2008, we decided it was time to move away from SH, and into a new world we had more control over.

Welcome to Bayside Vista,  home of characters such as the Dover family.

In addition to the new faces of Bayside Vista, there were also old ones.



The Dablin family made the move along with the Stone family. See, Drew had a son that was about the same age as Stephanie.


However, Bobby didn’t really have very many other participants other than me and Torch. We had a few friends we’d met at SH who joined us but it didn’t have anywhere near the same amount of popularity.

Book Face

The summer of ’08 I spent away from home. I had pretty limited internet on the computer access. However, I did have my phone and Facebook. While we waited for the summer to end, Torch and I began pre-writing RP scenes in Facebook messages.

Only things grew a lot bigger than that. It became really convenient, and we both liked how easy it was. We could reply whenever and wherever. These early Facebook messages expanded into a gigantic database of plot lines and characters. Zach and Stephanie’s daughter they had at age 17 ended up marrying Jordan Dover’s son. We’ve worked as far as having Molly’s great-grandchildren be little kids. There are other independent plots all over the country. We’ve done dozens of alternate versions of characters’ stories.

And we’re still working.

Through roleplay members, I learned about NaNoWriMo. Through the Facebook RPs I’ve written probably millions of words by now. It gave me the confidence to think that I could possibly complete NaNo.

So yeah, sims kind of changed my life.

Where’s My Backpack?

This will probably be continued tomorrow at least, or this blog post will become longer than my NaNo novel.

Today I’m going to let you all in on a big part of my life.


No, I am not joking. Yes, I am a dork and a nerd and a freak. You haven’t figured that out by now? (Also, I didn’t get around to making a new banner for the blog this weekend. It was freezing cold by California standards and my numbness affected my creativity. Or something like that.)

The Beginning

Once upon a time, That Girl was a child that saw The Sims at various stores. She likes video games involving little people and occasional death (I was a beast at Oregon Trail). After much convincing, her father decides it will not scar her for life. Considering almost all of the expansions had been released at this point, that dates this back to around… Hold on while I check Wikipedia…2002 or 2003. That might not sound that long ago to some of you, but that was nearly half a lifetime ago for me.

That Girl liked The Sims. She liked it even more after she discovered cheats and figured out how to keep her sims from peeing on the floor. She accumulated a complete collection of the original game.

v. 2

At first, That Girl was slightly scared of The Sims 2. She was used to her old, pixely friends. But, after playing at a friend’s house, she discovered that the new version would not bring death and evil to our planet.

Welcome to the Age of Enlightenment, folks.

Specifically, she liked the story telling aspect of the game. While this had been in the original game, it was way more awesome. This was like all the little stories she had acted out with her Polly Pockets growing up, only bigger and better. And without clothes that tear.

Sadly, I don’t think I can say I would be where I am now if it wasn’t for this game. All will be revealed as we continue following this evolution, my cro-Magnon friends.

She began many stories that were never published, or were only just begun. It was through this process that she became better introduced to another magical piece of software.


Alright, Sims is not solely responsible for this. My dad is a graphic designer. I’ve grown up with my friends Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I remember being in 5th grade and using the clone brush to give a picture of my hamster a dozen feet.

But Sims gave me a more practical use for Photoshop, and encouraged me to expand my knowledge of it. It started with just using the program to make cooler looking covers. I’m not going to dig any of these up for you, as they are scary, and I care too much about my readers to do that.

This led to my Photobucket. It is now 34 pages and 678 images large. The first image, a masterpiece avatar dates back to… Wait. It’s not dated. Um… Let’s approximate this to… 2003 or 2004.


By this point, I’d joined my very first Sims related forum- The Sims 2 Writer’s Hangout. AKA the Hangout for short. This led to pictures like:

It brought the age of my involvement in contests. This was followed up by my first major serious sims story. I mean serious because it was a much larger production than the past stories had been.

Around this time I also began dabbling in “skinning” or the creation of clothes, hair, etc. for sims and building a forum which I promptly abandoned. I don’t even remember starting it, honestly. Maybe I never opened it… The only proof is the banners and things in my photobucket.

We’re beginning to reach the era when my skinning, photoshopping, and sim creating skills really took off. We had Emma, who entered the third Top Model at the Hangout. This one was for teen sims. I’ll leave you with some pictures of her and some clothing creations.

November- Day 27

NaBloPoMo is coming to an end. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life after November. It’s hard to believe that there’s a life beyond NaNo and NaBloPoMo.
I’m not going to update daily after the end of the month but I’m going to try and be diligent and keep the blog fairly up to date. If I start slacking then this blog is going to die just like all the others I’ve started over the years.
Script Frenzy is in April. I was planning on completing that and NaNo this year, and I still want to. I already have my plot ready for it that’s been waiting for weeks now. I’m worried that I’m not going to win that though. November was bad enough. April has testing and I’m going to have more extracurricular activities going on. I’ll try my best but I’m already setting myself up for failure. Which is, of course, not a good sign.
Of course, next November is going to be hectic too but I’m not going to let that stop me. I’ll have an easier and less demanding schedule. I won’t procrastinate on my college apps. I’ll be able to handle it. I think. I hope. I have to try it at least. I’ve actually already got the base for that ready, and it’s going to be epic. It’s a good thing I have 12 months to plan because I’m going to need that time to get my foundation ready. Next year will be so much more organized and prepared.