I’m Lovin’ It: Blog Style #1

Since I’m actually going to have some more freetime for the next couple weeks, I’m going to try to get back into blogging. Ladies and gentlemen (like any guys are actually reading this…) today we’re going to talk about my fav blog reads. You may have noticed my blogroll. We’re not going to be talking about all of those. I just add things at random so I can check them later. Not that I’m dissing any of you. I… Shutting up now.

Confessions of a Young Married Couple

So, I have to start off my list with Confessions. Now, I know I’ve complained about the lack of bloggers my age, and the large amount of married twenty something bloggers, AKA the demographic of the writers of most of the blogs on this list… I’ve given up on caring. Confessions is amazing. Katie is absolutely hilarious. She likes cupcakes and has a dachshund mix named Lucy. As the owner of two doxies, Lucy alone is enough to win me over. And then there’s the Bean. The Bean is a child, not a dog. I love how he is always the Bean, considering how I also don’t name names in my blog. And Bean is adorable. Katie’s conversations with Bean, or Bean’s conversations with Big Molly the Dog always brighten my day.

Go. Read it. Now.


Five Blondes

I used to read this more regularly. Five Blondes is a blog written by five sisters (blondes, if you hadn’t guessed). I think what draws me to this blog (considering I am at least 2 or 3 years younger than all of them, live in California not Canada, and am not blonde or 5 people) is the sisterly dynamic. As an only child, seeing siblings interact fascinates me. The Blondes are good for a little bit of everything, from outfits to cute baby pictures.


Blogs I’m Prone to Glance Over

Luxe Chandelier

This one I found off of the Love Story Project, which I found through Five Blondes. Three degrees of blog connection, baby! Steph Ann’s blog layout is so pretty you can’t help but want to look at it again.


Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner and xoxoxoe

These are my pop culture blogs that I’ve started checking out after Lost each week… Incredibly different but I like getting to see other peoples’ analyses? analysi on what happened on the island, etc.



Last, but not least, I’d like to add a shout out to Nicole and Rammi. I met these two through NaBloPoMo, and I’d like to thank them for their comments with some publicity. They are both witty and fantastic people. So, read their blogs.




What I’m Reading

I could be reading the Mormon book. I could be productive and do homework or pick up my room. But… I won’t. Instead I’m pre-writing blog entries because well, I can. This is being productive. Maybe not a productive that will benefit me but it’s still being productive in some sense.

For now I’ve given up on finding fellow teen bloggers (again). They just don’t seem to exist, or at least not many of them. We’re an elusive breed. Instead, I’m getting hooked on the 20 something’s that are engaged/recently married/recently married with kids. At least they’re closer to my age and more relatable to than the 30-40 somethings. Today I saw a blog of a women who was probably in her 50’s or 60’s and she used some sort of slang like WTF. Not right, old woman. Just not right. Besides, the baby pictures are cute.

Anyone have any blog recommendations? I’ve been adding to the blogroll gradually so I can find blogs I found interesting or amusing again and comment on them.

That’s another thing. I’m going to start asking questions in my posts so that there is actually more of something to comment on and respond to. Wish me luck.

Reminder: Want to read the other half of this blog? Email me at uncreativewriting@gmail.com and I will gladly send you the password! Just send me a link to your blog so I know who you are. Bonus points and high fives if you comment.


As in my dog, Chammy. Not the as seen on TV Sham-Wow. I do know how to spell.

Today I put on my fake glasses and sit down with my laptop…on my lap in attempt to write something witty and inciteful. Or at least write something. I can’t complain about the lack of comments if I’m not saying anything worth commenting on.

Topic #1:

So, I have my two dogs Chammy and Gracie. Chammy is 9. Chammy, despite being housetrained and picking up on that quickly, has recently developed the oh so lovely habit of peeing herself in her sleep. Obviously, we found this behavior peculiar and disturbing and took her to the vet. The vet said that she has diabetes. So, starting tomorrow we’re going to have to start giving her daily insulin shots. I feel bad for Chammy, but I really am not looking forward to this. My dad has insisted that he’s going to teach me how to give her the shots.

Needles creep me out. When I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy I had to look the other way when they whipped out the needles and scalpels or shudder and cringe at the sight. I’ll be picturing the worst. You really would not want me to be giving you a shot or really any type of medical care other than applying a bandage. I’m also terrible at comforting people, thus crushing my 8th grade plan of being a psychologist.

Topic #2: I think I’m going to test out a new posting system. From now on I’m going to attempt to post one normal post, and one password protected post. Makes me think of the Missouri Compromise (Missouri entered the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state to keep the balance. My history teacher would be so proud.)

So… That’s about it. Juicier details coming in a password protected package.

Reminder: Want to read the other half of this blog? Email me at uncreativewriting@gmail.com and I will gladly send you the password! Just send me a link to your blog so I know who you are. Bonus points and high fives if you comment.

Connected to Hats

So… Clearly I’m kind of failing at the whole blogging thing lately. I guess I haven’t felt interesting enough lately, or that what I consider interesting is personal and doesn’t interest everyone else. That and, once again, the lack of comments is bringing me down. Because I’m a whiny attention demanding bitch at heart.

I got a new phone last Thursday! I’ve jumped on the iPhone bandwagon, and I love it. It’s my child. I got my dad to buy a ton of cases on eBay for cheap, and the 10 pack of silicon cases came today. I’m still waiting on my case with the pandas on it. I’ll have to include pictures eventually. So, my phone is no longer naked!

And I’m addicted to Traffic Rush. It’s amazing.

French homework time. Yay. Only not.

November- Day 23

Is my blog broken or what? I feel a little bad having started the Comment for a Comment group on NaBloPoMo and then…not receiving the comments I was hoping for. Of course, I haven’t been the most dedicated commenter either. This week I’ll go through the group list and start commenting it up. Maybe that’ll inspire some people. And hopefully reading this post will complete the job.
As of yesterday I’m at 34,292. Still, sadly, behind the goal, but I’m getting there. I managed to crank out 2,000 words last night. I’m hoping to hit 3,000 one day this week, but we’ll see. Don’t want to jinx it.
Maybe I don’t get comments because people can’t relate to my life. I am younger than the average NaBloPoMo-er. I don’t fit into the large majority (or what seems to be the majority) of bloggers. I’m not in my 20’s and I’m not married. I’m just a 16 year old who is now the third wheel to her best friend and former crush. I can’t drive without a parent. I don’t have a credit card or a job (yet).
But still, I’m not that far apart from all those happily marrieds. They were me not too long ago. And just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean your life has changed that much.