Pas de Petting

Since I feel like writing more, and about none geeky things, I’m going to try out the whole pre-writing posts thing. Maybe I’ll become a pre-written blogger. Maybe not. I’m personally leaning towards the not, more because I like having my blogs be more…live.  I don’t want to share a story after it’s happened, or not be able to write about things because they interrupt my blog flow.

Why is it that my life always gets crazy on Fridays?

In study hall on Friday… Need to come up with a codename for this person…. Not KRY was being extremely weird. Now, I barely know NKRY. He’s been around for a while, but honestly, until a couple weeks ago I was scared of him. Mostly because of his former facebook profile picture which was like a manga creeper or something. He’s a friend of Boy, and may or may not have gone to the same school as me since 6th grade.

Anyways, through Boy, he’s assimilated partially into our study hall group. I have never really had a normal conversation with him. I know hardly anything about him.

When I walked into study hall he poked me in the side. No one else, just me. And somehow the conversation I had with him and Winger led to NKRY petting my head and later discussing the size of my chest. Yeah.

When I told Best Friend about this, she decided to ask Boy to find out if NKRY likes me. Which led to panicking. Because I honestly had no idea what I was going to do if he did. Best Friend wanted me to go on a date with him, but that was only so we could double. And NKRY still kind of freaks me out. I did not appreciate the head petting.

Finally Best Friend told me that NKRY told Boy that “he thinks a couple of girls are hot but he doesn’t like anyone.”


And also, gah. If that situation changes I’m going to start living under my bed.


November- Day 20

Sweet holy mother of Jesus on toast wearing pants. Today was… Is that sentence good enough for you? I’m not even going to talk about NaNo today because there are so many more interesting and worthwhile things to talk about.
The shit hit the fan today, people. Oh, did it hit it…
We’re going to start with story time.
Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. The girl liked the boy. The boy seemed to be oblivious. Two years later, Girl lost interest in Boy after an extremely awkward time waiting alone together for their friends to come watch a French movie with them. Girl realized Boy would not do if they couldn’t conduct a conversation when no one else was around. Girl’s beliefs were reaffirmed by equally awkward IM sessions. Girl mostly gave up on Boy. Of course then Girl’s best friend since childhood decided she also liked Boy. Girl’s interest in Boy slightly came back, but Girl would only accept Boy if Boy made the first move. Girl’s interest in Boy fluctuated. Girl knew that this wasn’t the end of the story. Friend and Boy continue to have a far more interesting and relaxed relationship. Girl gives up on Boy again.
Then, one day, Girl receives a note from Friend. Girl has feeling of dread. Long story (a page long note) short, Friend and Boy have finally admitted feelings and are on same page. Girl doesn’t know what to say. Girl feels happy for Friend but also awkward and confused. After school, Girl has another feeling of dread. When she reaches Girl and Friend’s lockers, Girl sees Friend and Boy. Girl has awkward conversation with Boy’s Friend about how someone carved a drawing of a penis onto the front of her locker while Friend and Boy have a nice long hug session.
Later, Girl tries to be supportive and offers to give Boy inside information. After hours of beating information into Boy’s head and feeling like Dear Abby, she realizes that he is, in fact, dumb shit and the most ridiculous person in existance. Girl lets Friend have Boy. Good luck with that, Friend. Maybe 10 years from now Boy will have finally asked you out.