Connected to Hats

So… Clearly I’m kind of failing at the whole blogging thing lately. I guess I haven’t felt interesting enough lately, or that what I consider interesting is personal and doesn’t interest everyone else. That and, once again, the lack of comments is bringing me down. Because I’m a whiny attention demanding bitch at heart.

I got a new phone last Thursday! I’ve jumped on the iPhone bandwagon, and I love it. It’s my child. I got my dad to buy a ton of cases on eBay for cheap, and the 10 pack of silicon cases came today. I’m still waiting on my case with the pandas on it. I’ll have to include pictures eventually. So, my phone is no longer naked!

And I’m addicted to Traffic Rush. It’s amazing.

French homework time. Yay. Only not.


Mamma Mia

While leaving a restaurant tonight, I was treated to getting to hear Mamma Mia en espagnol.

Last night I drove my dad to Best Buy so we could pick up our Christmas present of Band Hero before they were sold out. I got to drive up the express ramp (It takes you straight up to the 3rd floor of the parking garage. It’s kind of amazing.)

While he was in line, I decided to wander around. I picked an iPod up in its store security base thing and pressed the button to turn it on.

It didn’t turn on.

Instead, the alarm or something went off going “DEEEEEDLEEEEDEEEDLEDEEEDLE!!!!!”

So I quickly put it back and walked away. I should have expected it. These kinds of things happen to me all the time. Last year a hand dryer spewed sparks at me at school. At some point after the year started, someone carved a penis onto my locker. I trip over things. A lot. Almost did the splits the other day in study hall, so I try and avoid wearing my tractionless boots while in that room.

Not very exciting but it’s Wednesday and I still have 2 more days of school and one more day of doing homework until freedom. I’ll get excited after lunch on Friday.

I’m Not A Circus Freak, I’m Wolverine

The epic tale of geekiness will be continued tomorrow. I’m too tired to go traveling back through time.
Did I mention that I cut the skin on my right index knuckle yesterday on a cookie? Today I almost did the splits on the floor of English. My boots do not have as much traction as they should.

November- Day 30

Yes, I missed another day. I’m already guaranteed to not win a prize. Whatever. I finish NaNo and that’s enough for me. I posted on this blog for 28 out of 30 days. Deal with it. It’s as good as it’s going to get. Things will be a lot less consistent until next November. I’ll put myself on the December blog roll but… every day with no incentive? I predict failure.
I am incredibly tired and I’m not entirely sure why. I did have some trouble falling asleep last night, but not that much. After lunch I started getting sleepy. Yearbook stole the last of my energy.
Luckily I had no homework that’s due tomorrow that I haven’t done yet. So I looked at dorms, college class descriptions, and clubs. If I go to Irvine I will join Dumbledore’s Anteaters. No question there.
I’m ready for college and sleep. Since I keep zoning out and staring at my squirrel curtains I think this is a good place to stop.

November- Day 25

I actually did it.
I missed a day of blogging. 23 days of perfection and I forget a day. To anyone that may be reading this (which is probably no one) I feel like I should explain it, even though there are no excuses as we call know.
Yesterday I broke tradition and decided to write first and blog later. Which of course turned into me forgetting to update my blog. I thought about it this morning but I thought I had remembered to post. And… I hadn’t.
Oh well. There goes my chances of winning a prize. Now I’d better win NaNo or I’m going to be pissed at myself.
Also, Happy Turkey Day tomorrow!