Super Special Sweater

It’s slightly special but it does its job. The ribbon is actually part of a broken lanyard for a USB or something that happened to match the sweater perfectly.


Oh Yeah, Halloween

Don’t let me near Target’s Halloween clearance.

What I Did Today

The Company I Keep

Today I had an hour long phone conversation (Yes, that’s a big deal for me. I got a message from AT&T the other day saying that I have 3,999 rollover minutes.) with Winger about… everything. It started out with me telling him stories about what happened during and after lunch today, since I don’t see him after break on A Days. I swear, he turns invisible or something. No one knows where he goes between classes. Anyways, my stories.

This is Our Future????

Today there was a French club meeting. It consisted of me, Best Friend, and two other juniors. All the others were freshmen (2 year olds) or Madame. We have a freshman at our school who turned 12 this September. No joke. She’s the one they toss around in cheerleading.

Anyways, we did a terrible job selling cheese dip and People en Espagnol so we need to organize another fundraiser. The brilliant baby business people came up with the best ideas ever. One of them included a yard sale.

Yes, earning two quarters and a piece of lint will really help the club out. Thank you, small geniuses.

It was so ridiculous that we left early. Also, me and Best Friend wanted to make sure we had time to pee before lunch was over.

Observation: Strange People Frequent the Bathroom

In the bathroom, we got to listen to an amazing conversation.

Girl: Yeah, ever since Thanksgiving I can’t smoke anymore. When I try to smoke I just start coughing. It’s so weird. Normally I don’t cough when I smoke out of a pipe but now I can’t stop coughing and I feel nauseous.

What were you doing in that bathroom? That’s the good, clean bathroom that always has soap and toilet paper. Of course, one time I also went there and found a collection of cherry tomatoes in the pad & tampon trashcan in one of the stalls. Just when I start to think that maybe my school is a little normal…

At the end of the day when I was walking to my locker there were random hooligans running around and being freaks. Some girl screamed at another girl “Greasy tits!”

I am so ready to leave for college.

Beavers, Backdoors, and Ponies

Now, for more on the actual Winger-Moi conversation. Winger and I are creepy perverts together. We scare people on a regular basis. Only today, he really won the creeper prize.

Somehow during study hall we started talking about beds. And that got to Winger telling us (the rest of the group minus him being female) that he slept in the nude once. Which caused a lot of twitching and faces frozen with looks of horror upon them. He also had to mention feeling the breeze.

During our epic phone conversation, we somehow started talking about beavers. I wanted to know if they made noises. While reading about beavers on Wikipedia, I discovered this:

Both beaver testicles and castoreum, a bitter-tasting secretion with a slightly fetid odor contained in the castor sacs of male or female beaver, have been articles of trade for use in traditional medicine.”


Claudius Aelianus comically described beavers chewing off their testicles to preserve themselves from hunters, which is not possible because the male beaver’s testicles are inside its body.”

We also started talking about horses when I mentioned finding my pony on a stick. You know:

I was wondering what all the different names for different ages and genders of horses were, so I looked that up too. After reading the definition of a gelding (castrated male horse), Winger called himself one.

He also read me the lyrics to “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” and tried to convince me to give my dog Rogain.

This is the company I keep.

November- Day 11

Yes, you read that title correctly the first time. Today, to honor all our veterans and getting a day off, we went on a family field trip to IKEA. We brought my grandpa along to get him out of the house (and he is a veteran. Even if he was the cook and never actually fought…) I chauffered the fam over to the Swedish Mothership, probably my longest drive yet. There, we continually saw these awesome hooks that were shaped like dog butts. Of course we had to have them. They’re perfect for hanging leashes on, and who doesn’t want a pair of dog butts hanging off their wall?
After having a lunch of Wednesday Rib Specials and Lingonberry Drink [Is it supposed to be soda?] we made our way down to the first floor AKA the warehouse. AKA where you should spend more of your time, as it’s where you actually buy things. Even though I love running around and testing out all the chairs and faucets… Anyways, we picked out two leash hooks. A red one and a black one to represent our real dog butts. [As in the butts of our dogs. Not that our butts are like dog butts.] We got in line. We self-checked.
And after my dad scanned in the first hook I looked at the display and cracked up. Because you know what? Those dog butt hooks rang up as B-stis Hook Ass.

November- Day 7

7 days that I’ve managed to post every day for. Of course, my posts are far from being as long or witty as some peoples. Maybe I’m scared of using up my creativity and word count on my blog, and then when it comes time to work on my novel I’ll have used up all that brain power.
Last night was majorly productive. I’m on the brink of 10,000 words. I’ll work again tonight after dinner and maybe a movie. I’ll probably try and get out of having to watch the movie. Some 90’s DVD from the library (that probably doesn’t work) is not nearly as important as those 50,000 words. And library movies are crappy. Back in the days of VCRs they were worse, of course. I remember one movie we checked out that was totally sun damaged or something and the movie was super bright and faded.
Chammy’s chewing a rawhide on my foot right now. The local Target no longer carries the little bones that they love, but Chammy’s fine with settling for the new long tubey rawhides. And of course, Gracie could care less, as long as she can steal Chammy’s at some point. They both had their baths today so they’re super smooth and fluffy. Gracie sheds like crazy after bathtime. It’s incredibly annoying.
I played with two of my trial lives of Real Lives 2010 today. My dad bought me the full version but we need to work something out with the company since it’s not working. As usual I copied out the diaries. I’ll make seperate posts for them below. If you only feel like reading one, read Guadeloupe’s. In Real Lives when you name your kids it gives you a list of names which are supposedly appropriate for the country you live in. I’m not so sure about that. Rexi is popular in Indonesia?