It’s been over two weeks since I last posted. That wasn’t intentional… My life has been consumed by homework and lacrosse. Games are starting up now which means my weekends are devoted to the two above things. At least this Friday we have a minimum day so I get to relax somewhat. And… I really shouldn’t be writing much more because I need to actually study for a math test so I can have a grade better than a C-… I’m a writer, not a math wizard!


November- Day 21

Today was far more relaxed and mind melting than yesterday, thank god. Might be going over to help my friend pick out what she’s going to where for her date with Mr. Questions My Authority and Knowledge. I’m maintaining my sanity. After that conversation yesterday it turned into me being frustrated about him being so annoying. And random little text conversations with a more intelligent guy friend have been very calming.
Not much to talk about today. I slept in until 9 something, which is amazing for me. I’m always an early waker but after the last week I needed some sleep. Watched some TV, did some APUSH notes, drove to Wendy’s, spent too much time on Facebook. Not much else to say. Hopefully tonight I’ll write more than the daily word goal. I was too distracted yesterday. My two hours on Write or Die were not as successful as they should have been. I need to have a brainstorming session soon. The inspiration river is starting to run dry.

November- Day 19

I’m now slightly over 2,000 words behind where I should be. The joys of skipping out on writing for…two days? It was only two, wasn’t it? The past two days I’ve averaged over 2,000 in an hour. Tomorrow I’m going to try and write for two hours. I should be caught up, or nearly caught up if my brain implodes or my fingers fall off.
I’ve written barely anything about my day-to-day life so far in my blog. Everything has been NaNo or homework centered pretty much. Not that I’m that interesting, or I really care about my friendly blog reading creepers reading about my daily activities but still.
I’ll try and fix that after I get caught back up with NaNo. I miss being ahead of the daily word goal.

November- Day 18

I have finally managed to complete my daily homework and maintain my sanity for the first time this week. Not a long post today. I’m going to go Write or Die. I’m hoping to get around 2,000 words in the next hour. Or at least the daily requirement.

November- Day 17

Another long day of homework ahead of me. I finished with today’s work. Showetime next. Maybe I’ll be awake enough to write. We’ll see. I feel bad about not writing the past couple days but… It’s not like I’m functional enough to write anything decent after hours of homework. 2 minimum days, a weekend, and then 3 days off next week. I will catch up, no matter what.
Math homework and another terms connection project tomorrow. I’m not going to over-exert myself and do more words than I need to like last time. More than I even got credit for… Oops.

November- Day 16

Finally finished everything for the binder check. My eyes are so tired… And now I have terms to study. Gah.
Work tomorrow:
-Read…Thoreau excerpts and answer questions
-Entire rough draft of Scarlet Letter research paper [thanks to my starting over with a new topic. Had 3 paragraphs written of old version. But might reconstruct based on that.]
-Maybe some French HW?
-Chem worksheet thingy?

Don’t know, don’t want to think about it. Can it be Thursday now?

November- Day 15

Having one of those awful headache days. I’m skipping NaNo tonight to watch an old Disney movie and maybe fall asleep early. I’ve spent the whole weekend doing homework…
I feel bad about skipping after that email from I think my MLs about not slacking off and falling behind but… I think I’m going to have to tonight and tomorrow. My head hurts too much to write tonight and I still have so much work to do tomorrow. I’ve got minimum days at the end of this week and Thanksgiving break next week. I can catch up. I will catch up.

November- Day 13

Really behind tonight. So, today was Friday the 13th. And I had two tests… Felt pretty good about the history one but I failed on my algebra one. Gah. Yearbook made up for that. We had a sub who did nothing, as good Yearbook subs do. Watched Lady Gaga music videos, listened to songs from Glee, and spent the whole class just looking at pictures and saving them.
Gotta go Write-or-Die! I’ll write more about today tomorrow, ok?

November- Day 9

War chapters are the worst for taking notes on. The other chapters you can pick through the information and skip over things more. But wars? All the big battles and dates and generals… The Civil War just took me 4 pages front and back and the majority of the front of a 5th page. I don’t think any of my APUSH notes have gone onto a fifth page yet, and we’re on Chapter 14.
Random fact of the day that I knew: Adis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia. One of the main characters in a favorite series has a younger sister that’s adopted from Ethiopia and the main character travels to Ethiopia in the second book.
Still ahead of DWG in NaNo! I’m starting a bit later tonight, but I’ve only got 850 words to be at the goal tonight. Writing time! Tomorrow is my first Friday since I have Wednesday off.

November- Day 3

So, clearly I stayed home today. I’m determined to get caught up on work so I have more time for writing and more sanity. Already finished one assignment. I could really use some food now. My stomach is still operating on normal time, and hasn’t adjusted to the change yet.
Wrote another 800 words last night for NaNo. I was really excited to be an active member of the forums, but I don’t know anymore. It’s fairly depressing as it shows peoples’ wordcounts under their names. Let’s just say my number is less than formidable. Someone was already up to 15,000. How the hell do you write that much in two days? Congratulations, you’ll be done in a week. Maybe then you can sell your book and use the money to buy a life.
I’ll probably post again later when I get some food in me. Maybe tonight when I can talk about how productive I was today.