Circle Scarf

This was made with circular needles, I think maybe size 7. Working with circulars was a nice break after wrestling with double pointeds, and decreasing with the dog sweater. I just went around and around and around.


Carl the Knit Hamster

This is Carl. He is a tiny knit hamster, despite his large mouse-like ears. Isn’t he cute? He’s made from the same yarn as the dog sweater. He was knit with double pointed needles, which I despise. It is so hard to find a good tutorial on knitting with them online. But enough about that. Let’s focus on Carl and his cuteness!

Super Special Sweater

It’s slightly special but it does its job. The ribbon is actually part of a broken lanyard for a USB or something that happened to match the sweater perfectly.

Craft Obsession Du Jour

Once upon a time it was cakes. I have yet to get around to making pretty, cute, elaborate cakes, but I have a new craft obsession that is much easier, and something you can do no matter what the occasion.

I’ve gotten back into knitting. I’ve knitted on and off for a couple years now, but it never lasted for too long considering I could never seem to be able to know how to knit and purl at the same time. You can’t make too much with only one stitch. However, I have since conquered that disability and am now turning into a maniac. I knitted my little dog a sweater, one that turned out to be slightly…special but serves its purpose. Dachshunds are not a good shape to knit for. They’re too long, and their chests are too big. So the sweater has some patches, but it fits and will keep her warm.

Expect pictures of projects.


End of an Era

This week is bringing the beginning of the end. The first of the last two Harry Potter movies. I’m going to the midnight premiere with my friends, which of course, at the time of writing this has not yet occurred. I told you, I’m addicted to scheduling.

Of course, I’m the biggest nerd ever for Harry. I once told my dad a complete plot summary of the 7th book on an hour and a half car trip. This was not just a broad summary. This was like Sparknotes, could ace the test without reading the book, summary. Algebra is a foreign concept to me, but remembering the plot of a book? I could practically rewrite it for you on the spot. My brain was built for memorizing plots and quotes. I remember events, which is incredibly handy in history class.

I will, undoubtedly, end up blogging about the midnight premiere.

I’m also planning on bringing the dog sweater I’m knitting to work on while I wait.

But that’s a story for another day.