The Deathly Hallows Ensemble

At least, here’s the important part.




See, what did I tell you? 365 posts over the course of a year is so much better than forcing myself to do a post a day since I’ve already messed up. Go me. Besides, I’m going to be a college student soon so I doubt this will be the only time that the whole missing a day thing happens.


And if it makes things any better, I’ve probably done around 5,000 words worth of writing this weekend, so I am writing. Somewhere. Just not on this blog.


Next week is going to be so freaking crazy. Monday and Tuesday I have plans to do stuff with friends. Wednesday I have ┬áto go back to the oral surgeon so he can see how my lovely sewn up mouth is doing. Then we’re getting my friend’s dog who I’m going to be dog-sitting for three weeks. That means three dachshunds for three weeks. That should be good for a few blog posts. Plus, I figure I should write up a wisdom teeth report at some point. Anyways, back to my crazy week. Thursday I’m going to see Neon Trees perform, and then as soon as that’s over I’m hightailing it over to wait in line outside a theater for the Deathly Hallows midnight premier. Not only is it a midnight premier, but it’s a double feature, meaning they’re playing Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is the movie starting at midnight, so after going to the concert I’m in for 4.5 hours worth of Harry Potter starting at midnight. I am going to be so dead when it’s over, but… What better way is there to say goodbye *sniffs* to Harry?