Blog Bedazzling

First of all, I completed NaBloPoMo this year! Yay! 30 days worth of posts.

Second, I’ve been looking more and more into themes and ideas for my new blog. And by new blog I mean I’m going to buy a domain and upgrade the blog I’m using right now. I just like calling it a new blog. Anyways, I went crazy downloading fonts the other night, and I’ve also been acquiring some new patterns and styles for Photoshop. Check out my background on Twitter for a peak at the color scheme and design aesthetic I have in mind for the blog!

I’m going to try and keep the daily posts going through December. I’m not sure if I’ll get every single day, but I’ll get most of them at least.


Sticking My Feelers Out

I couldn’t resist having that as the title. I’ve been looking into blog networking more, and other resources. I really am excited to take my blog to the next level this summer.

Now, I’m still heavily addicted to Twitter and I think it’s a great resource. Thanks to NaBloPoMo I’ve been getting more readers this month, as I did last year. However, this year I’m trying to comment around on other blogs more, which seems to be helping, according to my stats. Apparently I’ve been saying things that interest at least one person.

I’ve also been looking into StumbleUpon after reading an older post on Five Blondes. I take Five Blondes pretty seriously when it comes to social media since the eldest blonde, Erica, is a guru when it comes to that. StumbleUpon is interesting but I’m not sure I quite understand it yet. Also, I don’t believe I can currently use it on my blog since I’m not self-hosted. users really are screwed when it comes to making their blogs fancier. Most services allow you to use Blogger, and TypePad but they only extend their program to users.

I also joined MyBlogLog after reading about it on I’m Blogging That. Yes, I’m going a bit crazy with the links right now. MyBlogLog is a blogging network where you have “Communities”. It’s kind of like the groups on NaBloPoMo. I’m still deciding what my opinion is on both StumbleUpon and MyBlogLog. But… I wasn’t a fan of Twitter when I first joined and look at me now. Things may change.

Technological Fits of Insanity

So, I’m continuing my crazy scheme to build my own blog. Current estimated launch date: August 20th. That gives me a couple days after my birthday to buy myself a domain name, and add the final touches. In the mean time? Planning, coding, planning, coding. Fun, fun, fun! Is it super nerdy of me to enjoy coding? No, that’s not even a question. I am a nerd.
I’m really learning how to do these things as I go. I’m no web design expert. I’m a novice at best, and that’s being incredibly generous. But I love a challenge and I work best when I start off with crazy high goals.
Right now I’m beginning to plan out a design. But when I’m done? It’s gonna be awesome!
Or a huge disaster.
But mostly awesome. Yeah? Yeah!
For when I actually start coding this baby, I’ve started compiling resources. Starting with this handy dandy guide to creating WordPress themes.

I’m Addicted to Scheduling

Blog posts, not my life. This is the 11th post I’ve written today, I think. It’s an addiction. It’s an obsession. I’m getting my word on in preparation for NaNo. Yeah, I’m obsessed with that too. Deal with it.

I’ve changed my blog layout again. I don’t even remember when I made it the Koi theme it was before this. Sometime before my summer break from blogging, apparently, because I stared blankly at it when I reappeared. I like the new layout much better. It’s more clean-cut, and easier to read. I’ve already been bookmarking and copying bits of code for the new blog. New old blog. Whatever. I’m going to have the best time ever designing it. And then I’ll probably redesign it within a couple months because that’s how I roll.

I’m super excited to be self-hosted just so I can add… Linkedwithin? to my blog. Is that what it’s called? You know, the thing at the bottom of the post that recommends other related posts with thumbnails. Cause the new blog is going to have pictures! Yeah!

Once I’ve proven to myself that I will actually update the new blog, and feel like I have the money, I want to get myself a nice camera. Maybe a birthday present eventually.

I Have a Name

I think it’s decided. I’m keeping this blog for the upgrade, and buying a domain and mapping for it.

Originally I was thinking of starting fresh. Fresh domain, fresh name, fresh posts. But when I thought more about it, the title of the new blog, and the new blog itself is all about me growing up, and going through life. And starting over fresh kind of contradicts that. I mean… I’m not going to be a fresh human being. I’m not going to fall out of the sky reborn.

Plus is available.

For now.

Steal it and I’ll hurt you.

Long story short, the new blog’s domain will be a variation of my current address, but the actual blog’s name will be different. K, thanks, bye.

You Gave Me a World I Never Chose

Musings and Brainstorms:

NaNoWriMo 2010

  • I’ve got my plot all decided for this year’s NaNo. I think it’s going to go so much better than last year because:
  1. I know what to expect.
  2. I’m so much more invested in the story, and know where it’s going to go and who the characters are better.
  • This year’s NaNo is going to be fairly autobiographical, and I have plenty of material up my sleeve.
  • It’s been so hard fighting off the urge to start writing it all before November. So far I’ve been doing lots of brainstorming and back story fleshing out to combat my desires. I have look books for the 3 most prominent characters’ bedrooms, which I think really gave me a sense of who they are, and created personality quirks for them. I’ve also got all three of their schedules written out for 4 years (or 2 in one case). I’ve made a blueprint of the school they attend. I have names for every teacher at the school, even the ones that the characters don’t have. I’m so ready. I think I’ll put up the synopsis and such on October 1st so I stand a chance at getting chosen for the 30 covers.

The New Blog

  • I’ve also been thinking more and more about the new blog, even though it’s not going to debut until next August or September. I’m trying to find out as much as possible about domain mapping before hand so it will be an easy transition. It’s a little ridiculous though, since I’ve only just begun my Digital Design for the Web class, and I’ll know so much more about coding by the time the new blog comes. I’m also trying to decide if I want the link to be related to this blog’s name, although that will not be the title of the blog anymore, since the new title is so long. And then I’ve got another possible title in mind… I’m a dreamer.

Where Will You Go

I actually have plans for my blogging future. Ambittious plans, really.
To start with, I’m taking a web design class this year. I’ve been editing photos for years, and last year I learned InDesign. I wanted to round out my skills with web design knowledge, and through that I came up with an idea to practice my knowledge.
This spring I’m going to graduate. In the following summer or fall I’m going to graduate to a new blog.
I want to use what web design skills I have by then to build a better blog, one that looks how I want it to that’s template free. It just seems easier to start over new. New site, new name, new look. By then I’ll be financially independent(ish) so I’m going to get myself a domain name.
I’m hoping that sacrificing some of my own money will encourage me to keep the blog running. I know I’ll be busy then, but I will also have more to write about than ever. New experiences = blog fodder
Uncreativewriting is going to keep running for now, until the new blog is up. I’ll keep updating here until it’s time to move on. It’s going to be a big step and challenge but I’m ready. You may see glimpses of the layout as the launch gets closer.