I’m Back!

So, I’m still alive. Life got hectic during May and… I just couldn’t seem to get into the blogging mood. But now it is summer and I’ve got no excuse.

Since I’ve last blogged:

-I had prom. Which will definitely be a topic I’ll have to come back to in the next couple days. I went without a date.

-Best Friend found herself a new “Gentleman Caller”.

-I took the AP test, SAT subject tests, and the SAT. Tomorrow I’ve got the ACT and then I’m free!!

-I survived finals and all the end of year madness.

-I’ve become a Twitter addict.

I probably won’t get around to blogging tomorrow since I’ve got the ACT and then a graduation party to attend, but I’m not falling off the radar again. I’ll be back on Sunday for sure, and probably with a retelling of prom. Yay!


Put That Thing Back Where It Came From

So, expect the next month’s worth of blog entries to be very prom related. I have my girly moments from time to time. Prom is one of those rare occasions when I’ll be caught in public wearing a dress, and I’m actually excited about it.

I’m going whether I have a date or not. And currently… It’s the not category. Despite the fact that I should have a built in date. Because my built-in date is being a loser. I’m not even going to bother to make this password protected. If you’re reading this, yeah, I mean it. You’re being a huge dork. A huge not manly dork.

Today one of my friends asked The Boy what his plans are for prom while I was conveniently in another room. He’s not going. For now… And better yet? They started talking about Valentines’ Day (this was also the friend who inspired him to make plans with me then), and he talked about how he could have gotten me a tomato plant from the hardware store. A tomato plant. Die of jealousy, everyone.

And I don’t even like tomatos.

You’ve Been Hit By

It’s April. A month in which I’m actually going to have free time again. I’m actually getting my life back for this month. May? Not so much. The first week of May is going to be hell.

May 1st

Morning- 3 SAT Subject Tests

Evening- Prom (I’ll be going whether The Boy goes with me or not. Hopefully he’ll go with me. Really, really hoping that will happen.)

May 2nd

I have a game. A game in the morning that is an hour and a half away. After I’ll be up late at prom. Which basically means I’ll be sleeping in the car/dead at the game. Really looking forward to that. Oh, and somewhere in here I have to squeeze in doing homework. Yeah, I’m kind of going to die. Why can’t the parents approve of me skipping the first game that day at least, or both games? So, you know… I can live. That’s always a good thing to strive for.