Bite by the NaNo Bug

It’s happened again. Along with NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo comes another annual event. The NaNo bug. For the past two years, when November rolls around, a cold sneaks in with all those words I’m writing. Last year it waited a bit longer before rearing its ugly head, but this year it wasted no time. In fact, it didn’t even wait for November to start. Halfway through my government test on October 29th, I started to feel the cold creeping on. By the end of the day I just wanted to go home. Unfortunately last weekend was pretty busy for me so I didn’t get to relax much.
This year was a congested head, runny nose, and a scratchy throat but not much of a cough. I thought I had shaken it off by the 4th or 5th. Not so lucky. Saturday I got the second leg of the cold, thanks to my lovely father who passed it on to me. This is the upset stomach part. All Saturday I had this nauseous feeling I couldn’t shake off. I could go into detail about the feeling but I’ll save you.


November- Day 4

Went back to school today and sounded like Batman. It was layout dealine day for Yearbook so I felt obligated to go. Our scores would have been lower if I hadn’t been there. Not because I’m talented or anything but because we really needed the third brain. We do have four people in our group, but let’s just say she doesn’t have the chugging work out skills that I do. Or really that much of a knowledge of how to use InDesign. She’s our editor and critique person.
I am very proud of my NaNo progress from yesterday. Over 2,000 words! I was only 800 below the goal for yesterday. That was my normal word count the first two days, so I’ll accept that. I’m going to do this. I have to. The first time I heard of NaNo was probably three years ago, and every year I managed to not start. I think last year I forgot about it until it was halfway through November.
Going to stop the entry here so I can go work on my word count!

November- Day 3

So, clearly I stayed home today. I’m determined to get caught up on work so I have more time for writing and more sanity. Already finished one assignment. I could really use some food now. My stomach is still operating on normal time, and hasn’t adjusted to the change yet.
Wrote another 800 words last night for NaNo. I was really excited to be an active member of the forums, but I don’t know anymore. It’s fairly depressing as it shows peoples’ wordcounts under their names. Let’s just say my number is less than formidable. Someone was already up to 15,000. How the hell do you write that much in two days? Congratulations, you’ll be done in a week. Maybe then you can sell your book and use the money to buy a life.
I’ll probably post again later when I get some food in me. Maybe tonight when I can talk about how productive I was today.

November- Day 2

So, I ended up writing some 800 words yesterday. Only 1/2 what I should be averaging daily if I’m going to make the 50 k count. Whatever. I can catch up on the weekends and holidays.
I’m coming down with something. Possibly swine. Or the dachshund influenza. I’ve been congested the past week or so but it really climaxed today. Woke up with an even scratchier throat, and achey all over. It’s just gotten worse. Hot chills, cough, head hurts, slightly nauseous, and I feel like I’m going to fall over all the time. I’ve got a test in english tomorrow, which I don’t want to miss. I hate having to make up work. But… I’m really dying here. And it would give me a chance to catch up on homework and my word count maybe. Not sure if I’m feeling up to attempting any writing today, but I know I should.
I created an amazing…garment today. I call it a babushka cape. It’s a blanket tied under your chin, and pulled so that you have a hood on top of your head. Way cooler than a Snugee. I still think I need to get matching Snugees for my dogs. They come with little collar tags that you can record messages into. Like “Hello, my name is Rover. I live at 123 Street. Please bring me home.” Only my older dog, Chammy, flings herself at the door when she wants to come inside so she gets our attention. I just imagine the tag during this. “Hello, my name-Hello my-Hello-Hello-Hello.” Like the dog in Up!
Plans for the evening:

  • Facebook game maintenance
  • dinner
  • shower
  • possibly writing a word or two
  • sleep