The Company I Keep

Today I had an hour long phone conversation (Yes, that’s a big deal for me. I got a message from AT&T the other day saying that I have 3,999 rollover minutes.) with Winger about… everything. It started out with me telling him stories about what happened during and after lunch today, since I don’t see him after break on A Days. I swear, he turns invisible or something. No one knows where he goes between classes. Anyways, my stories.

This is Our Future????

Today there was a French club meeting. It consisted of me, Best Friend, and two other juniors. All the others were freshmen (2 year olds) or Madame. We have a freshman at our school who turned 12 this September. No joke. She’s the one they toss around in cheerleading.

Anyways, we did a terrible job selling cheese dip and People en Espagnol so we need to organize another fundraiser. The brilliant baby business people came up with the best ideas ever. One of them included a yard sale.

Yes, earning two quarters and a piece of lint will really help the club out. Thank you, small geniuses.

It was so ridiculous that we left early. Also, me and Best Friend wanted to make sure we had time to pee before lunch was over.

Observation: Strange People Frequent the Bathroom

In the bathroom, we got to listen to an amazing conversation.

Girl: Yeah, ever since Thanksgiving I can’t smoke anymore. When I try to smoke I just start coughing. It’s so weird. Normally I don’t cough when I smoke out of a pipe but now I can’t stop coughing and I feel nauseous.

What were you doing in that bathroom? That’s the good, clean bathroom that always has soap and toilet paper. Of course, one time I also went there and found a collection of cherry tomatoes in the pad & tampon trashcan in one of the stalls. Just when I start to think that maybe my school is a little normal…

At the end of the day when I was walking to my locker there were random hooligans running around and being freaks. Some girl screamed at another girl “Greasy tits!”

I am so ready to leave for college.

Beavers, Backdoors, and Ponies

Now, for more on the actual Winger-Moi conversation. Winger and I are creepy perverts together. We scare people on a regular basis. Only today, he really won the creeper prize.

Somehow during study hall we started talking about beds. And that got to Winger telling us (the rest of the group minus him being female) that he slept in the nude once. Which caused a lot of twitching and faces frozen with looks of horror upon them. He also had to mention feeling the breeze.

During our epic phone conversation, we somehow started talking about beavers. I wanted to know if they made noises. While reading about beavers on Wikipedia, I discovered this:

Both beaver testicles and castoreum, a bitter-tasting secretion with a slightly fetid odor contained in the castor sacs of male or female beaver, have been articles of trade for use in traditional medicine.”


Claudius Aelianus comically described beavers chewing off their testicles to preserve themselves from hunters, which is not possible because the male beaver’s testicles are inside its body.”

We also started talking about horses when I mentioned finding my pony on a stick. You know:

I was wondering what all the different names for different ages and genders of horses were, so I looked that up too. After reading the definition of a gelding (castrated male horse), Winger called himself one.

He also read me the lyrics to “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” and tried to convince me to give my dog Rogain.

This is the company I keep.


Zoo Animals

So, I’ve finally finished copying all my November posts onto WordPress. Joy!

I haven’t been able to fall asleep that easily the past two nights. That always bothers me. I like to get my sleep. I’m an early to bed and early to rise kind of person. Always have been. I’ve never pulled an all-nighter (except for that one night two summers ago when I couldn’t fall asleep until 2 or 3 AM even though I got in bed at 9:30). I get cranky if I can’t fall asleep when I want to. Luckily there’s a collaboration day tomorrow and I get to sleep in! And hopefully since my new curtains make my room as dark as a cave I’ll be able to.

Today the counselors came to english to talk to us about college and life after high school. Which was pretty much a waste of an hour. I learned maybe one or two things. I’m on top of all that. I’m on the third draft of my college list (need to find that). I’ve visited 8 college campuses already. I’ve taken two SAT subject tests and I’m going to take more this spring. Plus, our counselors are a reminder of how ghetto the school is. You might forget about the fact that the motivated kids are in the minority and all the other things until you get to visit the counselors. Freshmen year, we had three of them. A-G, H-N, O-Z. Ms. A-G and Mr. O-Z (my counselor) were the most competent. Only the former had a baby and may never come back, and the latter was upgraded to a dean. Survival of the fittest. The worst counselor is the one still doing that job. This year we have a new woman, who I am so glad I don’t have. When she was talking about the PSAT, she told the group that she still has trouble reading and comprehending things sometimes. Not what I want to hear the woman who is supposed to help me get into college say. So… I’ll accept our old counselor. She’s on her third or fourth career. But at least she can understand things.

During study hall today the conversation got to Muggle quidditch. I talked with some of my friends about starting a club of it. We’ll see. It would be awesome but… We’ll see.

During Chem today I was told that I would make a good zoo animal.