Take Back the Blog: Spam

This kind of pertains to me. Plus, I’m bored and I feel like writing a blog entry in advance. A whole week in advance… Anyways, today I’m going to talk with you about spam. As in, junk emails, not the mysterious meat product that comes in a can. Once when I was doing a campus clean up with Best Friend we found a can of Russian Spam in a parking lot. Anyways, I’m getting of topic.

My normal email account never gets spam. Unless you count Princeton Review recommending the same colleges to me once a week or so… I mean, I don’t get any Viagra, long-lost cousin the prince of Uganda kind of spam.

My blog email, however, is an entirely different case. I’m not sure how or why I get all the spam. The only time I enter the email is when I comment on blogs… It’s very odd. Anyways, the current subject lines in my box, and the kind people that send them to me.

  • Directory Submitter: Forget Asking For A Link Exchange
  • eBay Cash Machine: You have made $300
  • Uk Award National 2010un.: Ticket no:56475600545188
  • Blog Blaster: How would you like 2 Million Sites linking to your ad?
  • Feed Blaster: How would you like to put your ad right to the screens of millions in minutes?
  • Hit Booster: How to get free quality visitors to your website
  • Magdalena Brooks: US New Business Database- 4.8 million records all with emails
  • Directory Submitter: Submit to 2700+ quality directories
  • FOREIGN TRANSFER MANA…: (no subject) [Message preview: You have won 891934.00 pounds]
  • Top Seo Secrets: Top-Search-Engine-Optimization-Secrets

I’m lazy and I don’t have it in me to type up the rest, but basically they’re all about how I’ve either won money, or how to advertise my website/business. Both are appealing, but I’d prefer to not get a virus.

Do you get spam email? How much? What’s the best spam you’ve ever gotten? Do you eat Spam the meat? What is Spam made out of? Have you ever tried Russian Spam?


Take Back the Blog: Thursday I Don’t Care About You

Spring Break is almost over. And really… I’ve done nothing. I went to the movies on Friday and today. I hung out with friends occasionally, and went to practice. But other than that?

A big load of nothing.

I slept. I watched unhealthy amounts of Big Bang Theory. I texted The Boy and his little brother.

It’s nice to actually have time to do nothing, considering how crazy my life has been lately, and how hectic it’s going to get in the next few weeks, but really? I can’t help but want to do a little bit more.

I looked at college websites a lot yesterday, so I’ve been prone to fantasizing lately about my fabulous life in the future. And… That’s really all I have to say today. Sigh. I feel incredibly unexciting.

Take Back the Blog: Like a Bieber

Four days in a row! I haven’t been this good about blogging since the beginning of December when I was still on my NaBloPo roll. Today is writing day!

On… Sunday? I think it was Sunday. Sunday or Monday night. It doesn’t really matter. Anyways, one night recently I started working on a script. Not for Script Frenzy. I don’t think I have the time or the patience for that right now, although back in November I was already planned, psyched, and ready for it. The script is more for fun, and at my own leisurely pace and convenience for now. No, I think it must have been Sunday that I started that because on Monday I was working on song lyrics.

The other day, I came up with the idea with one of my friends that we were going to make a YouTube production company and become stars. We came up with a list of ideas for videos (obviously, you know, not while we were supposed to be doing work…) Anyways, I came up with lyrics for a couple of spoof songs on Monday, and had way too much fun doing that.

Take Back the Blog- My Husband Dave

Don’t tell The Boy, but I’m planning my marriage to another guy. You may have heard of my future husband. He’s a bit of a YouTube star. He’s also got some songs on iTunes. I know, I have rather high standards. He’s quite a catch.

My future Mr. is Dave Days.

I found him yesterday. It’s been a rather short relationship.

This is my favorite Dave song. When we’re married I will make him sing it to me nightly. Yes, I’m a creeper. If you ever read this Dave (and I’m not sure how or why you found this…), I’m sorry, but I just can’t contain myself. You may want to run away now.

Or maybe you’ve seen this one. I’m ashamed of his relationship history, but no guy is perfect.

It could be a love story for us, Dave, just say yes.

[/end random creepy fan girl episode]

Monday: Magic Arrows

Take Back the Blog Week is now commencing! Now… To talk about myself. Let’s start with the fact that I don’t like talking about myself. I’m I the only person who thinks that’s uncomfortable? Why don’t you get to know me by having an actual conversation with me, rather than playing 20 questions? I’m starting to wonder why I decided that Me was a good Monday topic, other than the fact that it starts with an M and I couldn’t think of anything else. What a wonderful way to start off this week. Posting a ramble. Ramble ramble ramble.

That was great, I know.

Random Factoid: I love the rain. Overcast days make me happy. I feel more energetic when the weather is like that than when it’s sunny.