TV Confessions: 12/2

Part CW, part NBC. Excellent taste, I know.

Life Unexpected

Thanksgiving time! Alright, I am incredibly excited about Lux’s new love interest, Sam. Of course she hates him now, but you know she will end up falling for him. Sam also happens to be rather attractive. I’m ashamed to admit I recognized him from Degrassi. I spent my summer with a 7 year old and a 13 year old, okay! I watched a lot of Nick. I can tell you why Zoey 101 called Zoey 101. *Hint* Her name is Zoey and she lives in Room 101. Witty, I know. Anyways, in addition to being attractive, Sam is also of an appropriate age. As in he is not her teacher, unlike Mr. I Cause CW Shows to Tank.

Also, in this episode, Ryan is a complete idiot and does not realize his wife is pregnant even when his sister-in-law practically  tattoos it on his body. So much for Ryan being the intelligent father figure. And poor Math continues to bumble around in the background, forgotten and unloved.

Vampire Diaries

I gave my dad a beautiful summary of this week’s episode earlier today. Elena is finally growing a backbone. Because seriously, the Salvatores do everything for her. Girl needs to get some shit done. This week poor Jeremy had to first be Katherine’s personal chew toy, and then got majorly rejected by Bonnie. It’s about time something happened with those two! I am totally for Jeremy-Bonnie. Even though Bonnie is being an uppity witch-bitch. Also, what is this show saying by only having black people be witches? If you’re on this show and you’re black you’re either a witch, or you end up dead. Interesting…


Alright, so the whole Troy being the grown-up, everyone gets drunk thing was sweet. But I want some humor! Community has been really good lately, and this episode kind of disappointed me. I loved (I think) the week before’s episode with Troy and Abed’s blanket fort city, complete with districts and parades. The one with Annie’s pen wasn’t bad either. This week was just okay for me. Hopefully next week will be better with the stop animation Christmas special.

30 Rock

Harold! I can seriously relate to this episode of 30 Rock, and the therapy chain. Listening to people being sad and traumatized rubs off on you. Now I’m trying to remember what Tracy and Jenna were up to this week but I really can’t. Jenna broke up with her boyfriend. I started watching the series too late to understand why he liked to dress up like her.

The Office

I don’t think anything can beat Dwight making Nate turn the toilet paper into half a ply. Oh, that toilet paper…weaving machine… An okay episode. Pam and Dwight’s story was funny, Michael and Oscar not so much. Then again, this show never really has that much spark anymore. The whole fun of it was the sexual tension between Pam and Jim, and now that’s over. Dwight doesn’t have a girlfriend, Andy and Erin aren’t together… Erin and Gabe aren’t interesting.


I wonder how many people know that Outsourced is based on a movie by the same name, let alone have watched the movie. While it isn’t necessary to see it, I’m curious. We have the movie on DVD, and my parents went to see it at some film festival thing before that.

A couple weeks ago we had a substitute in English who looked just like Gupta, and sounded like him too. However, he was not happy like Gupta. He yelled at someone when they accidentally spilled their change for UNICEF on the ground. Like someone would do that on purpose. We called him Angry Gupta.

Let it be recorded for all to see, I am making a prediction now. A prophecy. Madhuri and Todd are meant to be together. She will become his love interest eventually. Who cares about Asha? Madhuri is the best, and she is the woman for Todd.


Glee Confessions

These are my confessions…

Rachel and Finn are my least favorite characters. Really, if they were written off the show I wouldn’t be that sad. They can both sing, but Rachel is so annoying that I’m just tired of her character. Finn has never stood out much, and I think his voice is the least strong out of the guys.

I want more Artie! I love Artie. If he was real I would totally marry him in a second. The magic comb thing with Britney was so cute! I never thought those two would end up being a couple, but I actually really like them together. Who needs Tina?

I also love Puck. He hasn’t been in the show nearly enough lately. When he does show up, it’s only for a brief moment. I mean, he was literally locked in a Portapotty this week. Give the boy some more screen time! One of my favorite Glee moments was when he sung Sweet Caroline. Bum bum buuuh.

Attack of the Creeps

11/1/10 episode of 90210

Am I the only one who thinks this Laura girl is absolutely bonkers? She’s going to end up tying Liam to a chair in some storage shed somewhere.
Now, I love Navid. I’ve always loved Navid. But his style lately? While it’s not bad… It’s just… way too awkwardly polished.
If Harper gets written off the show I’m really not going to be upset. At all. Her voice… Oh lord… She’s like the munchkin even the other munchkins couldn’t stand listening to.
Is Oscar supposed to be smooth? He just seems like a slimy creep.
More television rambling later.

Life Goes On

I’m in a bit of a pop culture kick. However, today I’m actually talking positively about a show. That’s right, no mocking, no mournful looks, only enthusiasm. Unheard of! I know, right?

Today’s subject is Life Unexpected. More specifically, how Life Unexpected is desperately clinging on to life. For those of you that haven’t been watching, here’s Life in a Nutshell. Once upon a time the nerd (Cate Cassidy) and the jock (Nathaniel “Baze” Bazile) slept together during prom night. 15 or 16 years later, Baze is visited by his daughter, a foster child who is trying to become emancipated. The court rules that the daughter (Lux) must live with her birth parents now that they’ve been reunited. The show is about them being an extremely dysfunctional family.

It’s not the best, but I still tune in to watch every week. Considering the three shows I’ve complained about in the last week or so, I’m clearly a bit of a critic. Now, I’ve got a bone or two to pick, but that’s not the point here.

Life Unexpected has not been getting the best ratings, and could be under the chopping block. (Yet One Tree Hill is still on?) What I’m writing about is the cast’s campaign to keep their show alive. I’ve got to say, I admire their spirit and commend them. Way too many shows, especially the good ones, have just rolled over and died. It’s nice to see a show fighting back, and getting the fans to show the executives not to live by numbers. It’s just as nice to see a cast that’s this passionate about their show. Clearly they love being a part of it, or they would just allow it to end so they could move on to greener pastures. It means something to them, rather than just killing time until the next gig.

Keep up the good work, Life Unexpected.

Although, I have to add… I’m thinking Shaun Sipos is cursed. He’s dooming CW shows with his presence. First the new Melrose Place, in which he was the charming rich boy with daddy issues and a bit of kleptomania, David, and now Life Unexpected, where he first appeared this season as Lux’s new love interest/teacher.

Twitter Milking

Hopefully the title caught your attention. Here we have yet another post about some of the high quality shows coming out. Today’s perpetrator: Dear Girls Above Me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Charlie McDowell. I think he’s a genius, and I eagerly await his tweets.

But a TV show? Really?

The whole magic of DGAM is the one liner sarcasm. The quick taste of snark and stupidity that leaves you with an aftertaste in your mouth, craving more. An effect that is completely beyond the capabilities of television.

How on earth do they plan to milk an entire television show out of it? How can it possibly have the same charm and intellect to it as Charlie’s tweets?

More importantly, how would it work? A TV show of some guy listening to two off camera, never or rarely seen girls, would not be funny. It would look like an episode of How to Catch a Predator.

Give it a break, CBS. I’m begging you. Please don’t kill Dear Girls Above Me for its thousands of Twitter fans.



Skating with the Wash-Ups

It’s pop culture time, people! I have to thank TV networks for all the great work they’ve been doing coming up with shows for me to laugh at on my blog. Really, thank you. More blog fodder? Really, you shouldn’t have!

Today’s victim is Skating with the Stars. That’s right, Dancing with the Stars on ice. Although, I’m going to bet that they’re not going to have the senior cast of their sister show, for fear of damaging the already fragile hips of the elderly.

Now, you might be saying, didn’t we already see that show? You’re right. Remember a couple years ago (2006) when a little show called Skating with Celebrities was on? Quelle coincidence! And here I thought Skating with the Stars was such an original idea!

Refresher Course:

Skating with Celebs was on Fox back in early 2006. It featured such famous entities as Bruce Jenner (the man much abused by the Kardashian women), Jillian Barberie, Dave Coulier, Deborah Gibson, Todd Bridges, and Kristy Swanson. Excuse me while I go look up the last 5 in attempt to find out what their claim to fame is. For those of you not in the know, keep reading. Jillian Barberie is apparently some sort of sportscaster. Dave Coulier was Joey on Full House. “Debbie” Gibson was a teen pop star in the 80’s. Wait. Are you serious? Todd Bridges was Willis from Diff’rent Strokes? And he didn’t win? Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis? Yeah, yeah, Kristy Swanson was Buffy in the movie. Okay. Moving on.

Long story short, the show paired these “celebs” with skating professionals, Kristy Swanson was making figure eights with her partner off camera, controversy ensues. And Willis doesn’t win.

Well, now doesn’t that sound like a quality show? Why wouldn’t ABC want a piece of that? It’s not like they’re already scraping the bottom of the barrel down to the sediment for anyone they can call a star. I mean, I’m sure they could get like Charlie the Unicorn or the Annoying Orange to agree to be on the show. Wait. They’re not real? Damn it.

November- Day 26

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m set up for the morning. Sitting on the couch with my laptop watching the parade. I’ll start writing soon. Now Im more excited about being caught up again than I was last night.
Another small Thanksgiving this year. Just my grandpa and my uncle coming over this year. My grandma and other uncle were just done here last week so they’re not going to be here. Holidays have always been small at our house compared to my friends’. No cousins, no aunts, and now I just have two grandparents. Plus I’m an only child. Holidays always make me wish I had a larger family. My dad’s supposed to have several birth siblings. There’s something missing.