November- Day 26

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m set up for the morning. Sitting on the couch with my laptop watching the parade. I’ll start writing soon. Now Im more excited about being caught up again than I was last night.
Another small Thanksgiving this year. Just my grandpa and my uncle coming over this year. My grandma and other uncle were just done here last week so they’re not going to be here. Holidays have always been small at our house compared to my friends’. No cousins, no aunts, and now I just have two grandparents. Plus I’m an only child. Holidays always make me wish I had a larger family. My dad’s supposed to have several birth siblings. There’s something missing.


November- Day 25

I actually did it.
I missed a day of blogging. 23 days of perfection and I forget a day. To anyone that may be reading this (which is probably no one) I feel like I should explain it, even though there are no excuses as we call know.
Yesterday I broke tradition and decided to write first and blog later. Which of course turned into me forgetting to update my blog. I thought about it this morning but I thought I had remembered to post. And… I hadn’t.
Oh well. There goes my chances of winning a prize. Now I’d better win NaNo or I’m going to be pissed at myself.
Also, Happy Turkey Day tomorrow!

November- Day 22

Another not very long post today. I’m going to a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner tonight and I haven’t written anything yet today. So an hour or so of writing and then I’ve got to get going.
I’m looking forward to seeing my other friend’s reactions to finding out about the date on Monday. That’ll be…interesting.