I <3 a City

(Written September 21, 2010)

Then there’s UW, which is an entirely different world. UW does not have 5 billion programs I’m interested in, but fortunately my majors of interest are fairly basic, so I’m not limited by that. The thing with UW is, I’m in love with Seattle. I’m head over heels for Seattle. I ❤ Seattle.
I’m a gloomy little storm cloud of a girl. I prefer overcast days and rain to sunshine and extreme heat. Unfortunately I am a California Girl (with an I, Katy Perry, suck it). So I adore Seattle’s climate. I had the greatest time ever when I was there in the summer of 2009 because I got to release my inner gloomy little storm cloud.
As much as I like the wilderness and being some feral crazy chick, I also adore the city. Being near a city of some sort is my requirement for a college. I do not want to go to the boondocks. I need to know there’s some place, somewhat close, with something for me to entertain myself with. Seattle has kilt stores. What more could a girl need?
Then there’s the campus. I adore the campus. I am enamored with the campus. I am using fancy words to describe the passionate love affair between me and locations. For those not in the know, the UW campus is slightly separated from Seattle, or at least it seems like it in my mind. It’s like in its own magical suburb bubble where you know you’re right next to the city, but it doesn’t feel like you actually could be. It’s all red brick and Ivy League feeling without the price tag, expensive sweaters, and crazy as they come overachievers. I’m trying to save my enthusiasm and girlish squeals for when I have to write my essays.
I know it’s a place I could lovingly call home. I’m sure anyone reading this could agree. Call the admissions department for me? Buy me a plane ticket?
UW, take me, I’m yours.


Into the Velvet Sky

The majority of the time I don’t know what I’m going to write about before I start blogging for the day. Today is one of those days. Even though I got plenty of sleep I still ended up being sleepy. And I’ve got a killer headache right now.

So,  today we’re going to have some positive thinking and imagination time!

UC Irvine and University of Washington, the two schools tied for my number one spot. They’re really different. But… I’d be so happy to be at either one of them. Fingers crossed. After living in the same house since birth, I’m so ready to be anywhere but here. I’m not even going to apply to the college in my town (Mom and Uncle went there). I think even if I don’t get into any colleges next year I would still move and go to community college and live somewhere else on my own. My parents aren’t that bad. But… I need a change.