November- Day 25 Newsflash

I’ve passed up the daily word goal again! I’ve finally caught back up after having to skip writing for three days the other week. Don’t ask me when it was. I don’t remember.
Thank you Write or Die. I would have never been able to do this without you. I’d like to write out a better, longer, more sarcastic and witty fake acceptance speech but over 3,000 words and and hour and a half later I don’t have it in me anymore.
The first time I passed up the goal I was excited. It was one of those I can do anything kind of feelings. This time I’m just relieved to be caught back up. I can finish this now. Unlike NaBloPoMo, NaNo will be a success.


November- Day 21

Today was far more relaxed and mind melting than yesterday, thank god. Might be going over to help my friend pick out what she’s going to where for her date with Mr. Questions My Authority and Knowledge. I’m maintaining my sanity. After that conversation yesterday it turned into me being frustrated about him being so annoying. And random little text conversations with a more intelligent guy friend have been very calming.
Not much to talk about today. I slept in until 9 something, which is amazing for me. I’m always an early waker but after the last week I needed some sleep. Watched some TV, did some APUSH notes, drove to Wendy’s, spent too much time on Facebook. Not much else to say. Hopefully tonight I’ll write more than the daily word goal. I was too distracted yesterday. My two hours on Write or Die were not as successful as they should have been. I need to have a brainstorming session soon. The inspiration river is starting to run dry.

November- Day 18

I have finally managed to complete my daily homework and maintain my sanity for the first time this week. Not a long post today. I’m going to go Write or Die. I’m hoping to get around 2,000 words in the next hour. Or at least the daily requirement.