My State Doesn’t Want Me

The college admissions process is harder than ever and bla bla bla. I’ve heard it over and over again, but it’s hard to actually believe it until it actually happens to you. I had my schools I applied to that I was predicting from the start that I wouldn’t get into. But, what did I have to lose? Even if I didn’t end up going there, it would still be nice to say I got in.

I knew from the beginning that it was highly unlikely that I would get into UCLA. And… I didn’t. What I wasn’t counting on was having the same luck with 2 out of 3 of the other UCs that I applied to. Davis rejected me because I am not a cow.

And here’s hint #1 as to where I’m going next year. I did not get into UC Irvine. Another one of my friends who applied there also did not get in.

I wasn’t absolutely devastated by it. I didn’t sob my eyes out. It wasn’t that difficult of news, since by the time I got my letter I already had a strong feeling where I was going to go. I decided to wait for the last of the schools to get back to me, just to be polite, and to know all my options, but my mind was made up around late February.

Tomorrow: I have a ¼ success rate with my state!



Into the Velvet Sky

The majority of the time I don’t know what I’m going to write about before I start blogging for the day. Today is one of those days. Even though I got plenty of sleep I still ended up being sleepy. And I’ve got a killer headache right now.

So,  today we’re going to have some positive thinking and imagination time!

UC Irvine and University of Washington, the two schools tied for my number one spot. They’re really different. But… I’d be so happy to be at either one of them. Fingers crossed. After living in the same house since birth, I’m so ready to be anywhere but here. I’m not even going to apply to the college in my town (Mom and Uncle went there). I think even if I don’t get into any colleges next year I would still move and go to community college and live somewhere else on my own. My parents aren’t that bad. But… I need a change.