No one dies

I feel super cool. I have the Puppy Bowl on in the background. Yes, the Puppy Bowl was on over a week ago. I DVRed it. Like I said, super cool.

Finally got around to putting my music on my iPhone. Apple, what is your problem? Why do you have to make my life so hard? Why can’t I just drag the library of my iPod onto my iPhone? Whyyyy?????

Nothing particularly exciting happened today. I went through my guide of the 371 Best Colleges one by one writing down the names of the ones with one of the majors I’m considering in the popular majors list. I’m going to make lots of lists this week. Meant to get my hair cut today but didn’t get around to it. More interesting stories to tell in the password protected post.

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Connected to Hats

So… Clearly I’m kind of failing at the whole blogging thing lately. I guess I haven’t felt interesting enough lately, or that what I consider interesting is personal and doesn’t interest everyone else. That and, once again, the lack of comments is bringing me down. Because I’m a whiny attention demanding bitch at heart.

I got a new phone last Thursday! I’ve jumped on the iPhone bandwagon, and I love it. It’s my child. I got my dad to buy a ton of cases on eBay for cheap, and the 10 pack of silicon cases came today. I’m still waiting on my case with the pandas on it. I’ll have to include pictures eventually. So, my phone is no longer naked!

And I’m addicted to Traffic Rush. It’s amazing.

French homework time. Yay. Only not.

Meet Me Halfway…Or Not

I feel slightly bad writing this after just writing about how happy I am with The Boy. And I am happy. We have fun together. We’re incredibly weird and his texts make me smile, laugh, and fall off the couch sometimes.

But… I feel like venting. And I want to cover this for… I don’t know. Future reference? Posterity? Is posterity even the right word to be using for this?

I’m discovering that The Boy can be… indecisive and a bit more shy, I guess, about some things than I’d expected. We’re both incredibly open. He lives to try and disturb me and be a creeper. We come up with perverted comments all the time. We’re also both not touchy people.

On the first date there was a moment when he tried to kiss me, but there was this old guy walking by and I was nervous, so I ended up turning my head slightly at the last second and he got me next to my mouth. We walked around for a little bit before this and he had his arm around my shoulders.

Date #3 which was this Saturday I went over to his house and we rented Star Trek. He put his arm around me until I moved to sit up a little better. Then we had another moment where we were about to kiss, and he was teasing me about not actually going to kiss me. We were almost there.

And then I heard footsteps, warned him, we moved apart, and his little brother barged in seconds later. Another failed moment.

I’ve given him hints. I’ve made sure he knew I’m okay with him “making moves” as he calls it in public. Somehow 5 billion people at school found out that he asked me out (which is part of the reason why I’ve started putting passwords on these things). We’ve both said that we’re okay with people knowing.

The Class Creeper has a guy crush on The Boy in my opinion, and lurked around my group of friends one day at the end of last week when I was hoping to be able to get The Boy off somewhere alone.

“Guess you’ll never know what would have happened if he hadn’t showed up.”

“What would’ve happened?”

“Who knows? Your stalked showed up and got in the way.”

“Class Creeper will feel my wrath.”

“Good answer.”

After this he asked me over for the 3rd date. Then after that date…

“Maybe if the…moving in general was more public Class Creeper would realize you’re not like Birdo*.”

“I guess we’ll have to fix the lack of public moving on Manday**. See what I did there.”

*He taught me that Birdo is actually a transvestite character.

** We created the awesome points system. He made enough points to get a day where I wouldn’t say anything when he called himself manly.

Another story…

“Today in Yearbook ___ said “Let’s do girls first. Girls are easy.” To which ____ replied “Yeah, they are.” This is the same person who was later making a friendship bracelet.”

“But if I had said “yeah they are” it would be considered manly.”

“And then I would say “And how do you know that?””

“And I would be sad because of the boob-less life I lead.”

“And it will continue to be like that for the forseeable future unless you make some manly moves.”

“Then manly moves I shall make.”

And yet… Nothing. So I’m tired of waiting around for him to do something. Tomorrow I’m going to take charge and make a move on him so he’ll finally get his act together.

But don’t expect an update tomorrow. I probably won’t have a life again until Friday.

If You Are Chilly

If I talk honestly about today, it’s going to turn into a rant. Let’s just say I became incredibly frustrated with the woman who claims to be my mother today. It’s cooled off but if I start talking about it I’ll get all worked up again.

Confession: I love to read webcomics. Last night I found a new one that I’ve been reading obsessively in attempt to catch back up. There’s something amazing about finding a new comic that’s been around for a couple years or at least months. I love getting to just read right through pages. Yes, the suspension when it becomes…live again is fun but it’s also nice to not have to wait.

I’m sure I’ll end up sharing some of my favorites again later. The comic I’ve been talking about is: [Wordpress doesn’t seem to want me to insert the link.]

November- Day 21

Today was far more relaxed and mind melting than yesterday, thank god. Might be going over to help my friend pick out what she’s going to where for her date with Mr. Questions My Authority and Knowledge. I’m maintaining my sanity. After that conversation yesterday it turned into me being frustrated about him being so annoying. And random little text conversations with a more intelligent guy friend have been very calming.
Not much to talk about today. I slept in until 9 something, which is amazing for me. I’m always an early waker but after the last week I needed some sleep. Watched some TV, did some APUSH notes, drove to Wendy’s, spent too much time on Facebook. Not much else to say. Hopefully tonight I’ll write more than the daily word goal. I was too distracted yesterday. My two hours on Write or Die were not as successful as they should have been. I need to have a brainstorming session soon. The inspiration river is starting to run dry.

November- Day 14

Alright, so more about yesterday while I try and warm my feet back up. Damn California and its lack of seasons. If it’s going to be cold and you’re going to call it winter, at least rain or snow.
For my second observation, I watched the elementary school get out for half an hour. With my best friend, I sat on a camping chair in the middle of my lawn, watching small children and writing about what clothes they were wearing. It was as creepy as it sounds. The best part, however, came towards the end when a school bus drove by. A boy, who was probably 6, who was sitting in the back of the bus stuck his hand out the window and flipped us off.
I’m having another one of those frustrated days. I’m just tired of so many things. If we could move right now I would not have a problem with it.