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State of Disunion

First of all, if you’re reading this it means that you’ve asked me for the password to this blog, and I appreciate you for making me feel special.

As we should all know, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. And as it falls on a Sunday this year that means that Friday is the new Valentine’s Day. I have next week off! Yay! Maybe I won’t be such a huge slacker and I’ll actually post once. Maybe twice.

Anyways, back to Valentine’s Day and the massive rant and rave this is going to turn into. This will be my first V-Day that I have a someone for. The someone is also… The Boy. Together we are probably the biggest nerds ever. Or at least fairly high up on the nerd scale. He’s admitted to getting the Dungeons and Dragons magazine at one point. I was disappointed that there was no Age of Empires app available for my phone.

This brings us to the plan.

Some background info AKA the 411:

Valentine’s Day at school means the sale of carnations. And the amazing singing telegrams but I don’t think they’re selling them this year, sadly. Anyways, the carnations.

I am not  a girly girl. I never have been and I never will be. When I was little I never wanted to be a princess. I didn’t want a pony. I preferred Lion King to Cinderella. When we were talking about prom once a couple days ago I said to The Boy “When else are you going to see me wear a dress?”

Still, my inner girl would really love to receive a carnation. Or at least get something out of The Boy. He knows exactly where my locker is. It’s pretty easy to identify, as some kind individual carved a penis onto it at some point during the year.

Back to the story. I confessed my girly desires to one of my friends, who offered to talk to him and see if he had anything planned and if not then inspire him. I approved of this plan. We had it all worked out. During break I would leave to go to the bathroom and she would have her opportunity to talk to him. To make it look more natural I would even go with Best Friend. Yeah, we’re the girls that can’t go to the bathroom alone.

Only he managed to slink away into nonexistance during break ahead of us. There was no study hall today, so there was another missed opportunity. And lunch time? Couldn’t find him.

I totally predicted it would end up that way. Carnations are no longer on sale, but we’re still going through with a modified version of the plan tomorrow.

Anyone have any V-Day plans not involving advanced espionage?

Epic Tale of Epicness

So, going back to my post before about why I went missing. I have been busy. And if you feel like back-tracking or you remember everything I’ve ever written because you’re cool (or obsessive) like that, Hypothesis #4 or the last Hypothesis was correct. Most of them were correct. You can probably figure out which ones on your own.

I got myself a boy. He’ll be known from now on as The Boy. Of course, this is a different person from Boy, who is Best Friend’s male companion. Figured that needed to be clarified.

First, the story of what occurred over Christmas Break. I typed this up for a friend while part of it was occurring, and freaked out. Names have been changed, of course, mostly because the character’s have their blog names and I want to avoid confusion by using their real names and… Moving on.

Okay, so last night, as you know, there was the zipper conversation*. He has his group of guy friends that I started calling the Maghreb Pack (Maghreb is Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, the French speaking African countries.)
Me- Question: When I get exciting messages from the Pack do you offer them your phone or do they say they want to talk to me because I’m wise like Yoda?
The Boy: They want to talk to you cause you’re wise…like Yoda.
M: Which in Pack Language means I’m a female human who doesn’t think they’re the weirdest freaks that ever existed.
TB: Well (Name) desperately wanted to talk cause I told him you were hot.
Side Convo
Me: Are you awake?
Best Friend: Yeah I am why?
M: How do I respond to this:
Well (Name) desperately wanted to talk cause I told him you were hot.
BF: WHOA BABY!!!!!!!!
BF: Oh my god!!!!! Well you are hot so, it’s a compliment girl!!! Want me to…talk to The Boy?
M: ….thank you?
I don’t know. I don’t know if he was being serious! Damn you texts.
BF: You’re pretty surround sound**! So want me to talk to him?
M: I ended up asking what texts came from that person. Because I had no idea how to address the 2nd part.
BF: I should talk to him, je pense.
M: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
If you do, be insanely subtle. You never saw that forwarded text.
M: My eyes seriously bulged at that.
BF: I can imagine! Did you get any other weird texts from him?
M: Um… Probably the most important other one was when I told him about a toddler at Old Navy ogling me.
BF: What was his response?
M: Hehe, a toddler thought you were hot. What kids learn from there chips these days.
And then I said:
I should get a shirt that says that. “Toddlers think I’m hot.”
And he said: I’ll get the same shirt cause I’m weird like that.
Back to Main Conversation
M: Was this the mountain lion or train person? Or were those texts from the same person?
TB:They were all shouting out things to write. It was odd.
M: Good to know. I’m popular with the Pack.
TB: You most certainly are.
Now the rest will be in Side Convo
M: Apparently I’m popular with the Pack.
BF: So he talks about you… I think he likes ya!
M: They like to steal his phone and text me. Generally about animal reproductive parts/boobs/ animal sex.
BF: …Whoah…
Give me an example of a txt they send.
M: This is The Boy’s friend, Buddy. I am worried that The Boy is having an affair with a kangaroo; a male kangaroo.
A Maghreb Pakian is currently doing a mountain lion. The noise is disturbing.
M: Did I tell you about the Youth in Revolt suggestion?
BF: No you did not. The Boy gave me a few weird clues about the person he likes…
M: What were the clues?
We were simultaneously watching Michael Cera AKA El Cerito movies (Paper Heart & Year One) and I said I want to see YiR. [Which got no response.]
Group fandango a la Paris?
BF: 4, village, cheesecake and hidden fork, you cant fly in the thirde trimester, before deep powder, and the chick took a dookie.
M: Mk….
M: Yeah, those pretty much all mean nothing to me.
BF: Girlllll I raked up some info. Wanna know?***
M: Yay a ya
BF: He does think youre hot! Thennn I asked him if he would go out with you. And he said why not, lets have some fun with it. I would date her.
M: Are. You. Serious.
BF: Yes, 100% girl.
M: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.
“So, I have a short story for you that will culminate in me asking you out. Mk? Mk.”

*This is in reference to when I taught him that girl’s jeans have zippers on them.

** My nickname in the group is Surround Sound. When prompted to come up with a nickname for me, The Boy was at an electronics store.

*** Yes, we talk like white gangsters.

**** As in meet up for a friend conference.

His story involved Harry Potter. The Boy gets me. We speak our own language of nerdy awesomeness. I’ll post the story at some point.

And… I’m happy. He was my best guy friend before this, and I thought I liked him on and off. Over the break I really started to understand how awesome he was, and how similar we are and started to miss getting to see him every day.

If you look through my tags, you’ll be able to find my past stories involving The Boy, and his previous blog identity.

Mamma Mia

While leaving a restaurant tonight, I was treated to getting to hear Mamma Mia en espagnol.

Last night I drove my dad to Best Buy so we could pick up our Christmas present of Band Hero before they were sold out. I got to drive up the express ramp (It takes you straight up to the 3rd floor of the parking garage. It’s kind of amazing.)

While he was in line, I decided to wander around. I picked an iPod up in its store security base thing and pressed the button to turn it on.

It didn’t turn on.

Instead, the alarm or something went off going “DEEEEEDLEEEEDEEEDLEDEEEDLE!!!!!”

So I quickly put it back and walked away. I should have expected it. These kinds of things happen to me all the time. Last year a hand dryer spewed sparks at me at school. At some point after the year started, someone carved a penis onto my locker. I trip over things. A lot. Almost did the splits the other day in study hall, so I try and avoid wearing my tractionless boots while in that room.

Not very exciting but it’s Wednesday and I still have 2 more days of school and one more day of doing homework until freedom. I’ll get excited after lunch on Friday.

What I Did Today

November- Day 26

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m set up for the morning. Sitting on the couch with my laptop watching the parade. I’ll start writing soon. Now Im more excited about being caught up again than I was last night.
Another small Thanksgiving this year. Just my grandpa and my uncle coming over this year. My grandma and other uncle were just done here last week so they’re not going to be here. Holidays have always been small at our house compared to my friends’. No cousins, no aunts, and now I just have two grandparents. Plus I’m an only child. Holidays always make me wish I had a larger family. My dad’s supposed to have several birth siblings. There’s something missing.

November- Day 25

I actually did it.
I missed a day of blogging. 23 days of perfection and I forget a day. To anyone that may be reading this (which is probably no one) I feel like I should explain it, even though there are no excuses as we call know.
Yesterday I broke tradition and decided to write first and blog later. Which of course turned into me forgetting to update my blog. I thought about it this morning but I thought I had remembered to post. And… I hadn’t.
Oh well. There goes my chances of winning a prize. Now I’d better win NaNo or I’m going to be pissed at myself.
Also, Happy Turkey Day tomorrow!

November- Day 22

Another not very long post today. I’m going to a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner tonight and I haven’t written anything yet today. So an hour or so of writing and then I’ve got to get going.
I’m looking forward to seeing my other friend’s reactions to finding out about the date on Monday. That’ll be…interesting.