November- Day 30

Yes, I missed another day. I’m already guaranteed to not win a prize. Whatever. I finish NaNo and that’s enough for me. I posted on this blog for 28 out of 30 days. Deal with it. It’s as good as it’s going to get. Things will be a lot less consistent until next November. I’ll put myself on the December blog roll but… every day with no incentive? I predict failure.
I am incredibly tired and I’m not entirely sure why. I did have some trouble falling asleep last night, but not that much. After lunch I started getting sleepy. Yearbook stole the last of my energy.
Luckily I had no homework that’s due tomorrow that I haven’t done yet. So I looked at dorms, college class descriptions, and clubs. If I go to Irvine I will join Dumbledore’s Anteaters. No question there.
I’m ready for college and sleep. Since I keep zoning out and staring at my squirrel curtains I think this is a good place to stop.


November- Day 28 NANO!!!!

10:25 PM

November- Day 28

I couldn’t find a short enough way to comment on Five Blondes- Disabilities Are Not Uncool, so I figured this warranted a post of its own.
I’d like to pride myself on being accepting and understanding. Yes, I’m one of those liberal Californians.
I don’t use the words “retarded” or “gay” as insults. They’re not politically correct, they’re not insults, and words like that hurt so many people. Likewise, I do not believe in using the N-word ever. It’s an insult to an entire race. Blacks did not choose to be enslaved. People with mental disabilities did not choose to have them.
Erica was absolutely right. Having epilepsy is not something to joke about. In 7th grade, there was a guy in several of my classes who I assume had epilepsy. He was on medication and had it under control until puberty hit and I guess the medicine was no longer doing the job it needed to. As far as I know, no one knew about his condition until he had a seizure in the middle of science. No one had any idea what was going on, and yeah, we were all pretty freaked out and scared. That wasn’t the last seizure he had during school that year. One day during P.E. he was hit by a dodgeball and had another seizure. I remember at least one person crying. You couldn’t be in a class when one of the seizures occured and not be shaken up by it. I’m sure no one would have considered it a laughing matter. And if someone had joked about it, I’m sure they would have had to deal with an  angry mob.
One of my friends had… I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it was some sort of tumor like thing in her brain. I didn’t know her until after this. It caused her to have seizures and she had surgery for it. This messed up her senior year. As a result, she’s currently in her second year of community college and is now in the mindset where she’s scared of transferring to a regular college. I’ll also never forget how she complained about not being able to do a forward roll because she was afraid she would hit her head. Of course, she also thought I was from Afghanistan when I’m half Caucasian and half Japanese.
So no, I don’t think epilepsy is a laughing matter.

November- Day 27

NaBloPoMo is coming to an end. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life after November. It’s hard to believe that there’s a life beyond NaNo and NaBloPoMo.
I’m not going to update daily after the end of the month but I’m going to try and be diligent and keep the blog fairly up to date. If I start slacking then this blog is going to die just like all the others I’ve started over the years.
Script Frenzy is in April. I was planning on completing that and NaNo this year, and I still want to. I already have my plot ready for it that’s been waiting for weeks now. I’m worried that I’m not going to win that though. November was bad enough. April has testing and I’m going to have more extracurricular activities going on. I’ll try my best but I’m already setting myself up for failure. Which is, of course, not a good sign.
Of course, next November is going to be hectic too but I’m not going to let that stop me. I’ll have an easier and less demanding schedule. I won’t procrastinate on my college apps. I’ll be able to handle it. I think. I hope. I have to try it at least. I’ve actually already got the base for that ready, and it’s going to be epic. It’s a good thing I have 12 months to plan because I’m going to need that time to get my foundation ready. Next year will be so much more organized and prepared.

November- Day 26

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m set up for the morning. Sitting on the couch with my laptop watching the parade. I’ll start writing soon. Now Im more excited about being caught up again than I was last night.
Another small Thanksgiving this year. Just my grandpa and my uncle coming over this year. My grandma and other uncle were just done here last week so they’re not going to be here. Holidays have always been small at our house compared to my friends’. No cousins, no aunts, and now I just have two grandparents. Plus I’m an only child. Holidays always make me wish I had a larger family. My dad’s supposed to have several birth siblings. There’s something missing.

November- Day 25 Newsflash

I’ve passed up the daily word goal again! I’ve finally caught back up after having to skip writing for three days the other week. Don’t ask me when it was. I don’t remember.
Thank you Write or Die. I would have never been able to do this without you. I’d like to write out a better, longer, more sarcastic and witty fake acceptance speech but over 3,000 words and and hour and a half later I don’t have it in me anymore.
The first time I passed up the goal I was excited. It was one of those I can do anything kind of feelings. This time I’m just relieved to be caught back up. I can finish this now. Unlike NaBloPoMo, NaNo will be a success.

November- Day 25

I actually did it.
I missed a day of blogging. 23 days of perfection and I forget a day. To anyone that may be reading this (which is probably no one) I feel like I should explain it, even though there are no excuses as we call know.
Yesterday I broke tradition and decided to write first and blog later. Which of course turned into me forgetting to update my blog. I thought about it this morning but I thought I had remembered to post. And… I hadn’t.
Oh well. There goes my chances of winning a prize. Now I’d better win NaNo or I’m going to be pissed at myself.
Also, Happy Turkey Day tomorrow!

November- Day 23

Is my blog broken or what? I feel a little bad having started the Comment for a Comment group on NaBloPoMo and then…not receiving the comments I was hoping for. Of course, I haven’t been the most dedicated commenter either. This week I’ll go through the group list and start commenting it up. Maybe that’ll inspire some people. And hopefully reading this post will complete the job.
As of yesterday I’m at 34,292. Still, sadly, behind the goal, but I’m getting there. I managed to crank out 2,000 words last night. I’m hoping to hit 3,000 one day this week, but we’ll see. Don’t want to jinx it.
Maybe I don’t get comments because people can’t relate to my life. I am younger than the average NaBloPoMo-er. I don’t fit into the large majority (or what seems to be the majority) of bloggers. I’m not in my 20’s and I’m not married. I’m just a 16 year old who is now the third wheel to her best friend and former crush. I can’t drive without a parent. I don’t have a credit card or a job (yet).
But still, I’m not that far apart from all those happily marrieds. They were me not too long ago. And just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean your life has changed that much.

November- Day 22

Another not very long post today. I’m going to a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner tonight and I haven’t written anything yet today. So an hour or so of writing and then I’ve got to get going.
I’m looking forward to seeing my other friend’s reactions to finding out about the date on Monday. That’ll be…interesting.

November- Day 21

Today was far more relaxed and mind melting than yesterday, thank god. Might be going over to help my friend pick out what she’s going to where for her date with Mr. Questions My Authority and Knowledge. I’m maintaining my sanity. After that conversation yesterday it turned into me being frustrated about him being so annoying. And random little text conversations with a more intelligent guy friend have been very calming.
Not much to talk about today. I slept in until 9 something, which is amazing for me. I’m always an early waker but after the last week I needed some sleep. Watched some TV, did some APUSH notes, drove to Wendy’s, spent too much time on Facebook. Not much else to say. Hopefully tonight I’ll write more than the daily word goal. I was too distracted yesterday. My two hours on Write or Die were not as successful as they should have been. I need to have a brainstorming session soon. The inspiration river is starting to run dry.