Have It All- Every Day

(The above title might be a bit disturbing when you continue to read this post. It’s completely irrelevant. I was having a brain fart when it came to coming up with a title, and that slogan is on the poster right in front of me so… Stop reading so much into things, people.)

Wednesdays are always incredibly dull. There’s nothing on TV, ever, basically making Wednesday a waste of space. Nothing interesting ever happens on a Wednesday. My best days always seem to be the Friday before I have a break from school. It’s like some sort of requirement that shit has to hit the fan on that day. Anyways, I felt like blogging more. So I’m offering everyone (yes, I see you two people who hit and run my blog. You can comment, you know. I don’t bite. Generally. No promises. But you didn’t read that last part, because you’re too busy going to comment, right? Right?) a profile on The Boy.

Now, if you have no life you’ll know how That Girl and The Boy first got together. Not like that though, people. For those of you that have lives, it’s the first post The Boy was tagged in. (Hint: hubble) If you still have no life you’ll also know that The Boy is like a man prude. So the not like that is very true… Although my mother still seems convinced that I’m at risk for getting pregnant…

Now, I’ve mentioned The Boy before. He’s one of my most popular tags. If that doesn’t reek of romance, I don’t know what does. While you get a glimpse of the insanity that he is through those, I’ve never really sat down and stated the facts.

I’ve known The Boy for…. Close to two and a half years now. The first year was mostly a knowing of kind of deal. We had a class together, but honestly, I was slightly afraid of him. Not in the disturbed frightened way I am now. I guess. Anyways, let’s just call him intimidating. He looked incredibly intense all the time, and didn’t really speak to anyone (as far as I noticed).

Then last year we had two classes together. He also had a third class with Best Friend. I’m not entirely sure how, and really, none of us are, but somehow over the course of the year we became friends.

Then there was this year, when it was a much less loose friendship. We have three classes together. He would get coerced into stopping and talking at the locker occasionally. In… November I got his number and the phone calls and texts started.

And then came December, which led into January and… the asking and the dinner and the movie and aaahhhh.

There’s a brief history of him and me. And I realize I’ve said nothing about who he actually is.

The Boy is a nerd. He’s a big huge nerd, the kind that shows off his iPod box collection when he’s got a girl in his room alone with him, with the door closed and locked. He locks his bedroom door. It has a key. I’ve seen it. Like… a different key from his house key. He’s a nerd that needs a push and shove in the right direction from time to time, and for you to not be subtle. He names inanimate objects.

The following conversation is about Big Bang Theory which I just started watching two days ago and am hooked on. I watched 8 episodes in less than 24 hours…

Me: Which nerd do you identify with the most?

Him: I can relate to all four.

Me: I’m curious how you relate to Leonard.

Him: He wears glasses.

Me: Leonard better utilizes his intelligence.

Him: He has a super hot girlfriend.

Me: And?

Him: So do I.


2 Responses to Have It All- Every Day

  1. ~ifer says:

    awww… brownie points for him for that one 🙂

    And I am here, reading every day, my world has just been crazy lately (and not in the good way) and I don’t always have time or spare brain cells to compose a comment for you 🙂

    • thatgirl007 says:

      He throws little comments like that out there every now and then. They make me happy. And it almost made up for when I told him earlier that day that I was bored and he told me to go shopping because apparently that’s all I do…
      Aw! Thanks Jennifer. Your comments always brighten my day.

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